STOP doing this if you want to MANIFEST your DREAMS
manifest your dreams

Wanna manifest your dreams? Stop doing this…

Did you know that there is one thing in particular, that’s holding you and others away from manifesting your dreams? It is! This little tiny thing is an important one, but it’s also easy to do something about this. Wanna know how? Then, this post is for you! Stay tuned, this is an exciting one!

Are you stuck when manifesting your dreams?

As with every manifestation experience, you can have distractions in your life. Even distractions so subtle that you don’t even pay attention to them.

Now, you may be asking yourself how you can know if something is keeping you stuck? I’m glad you asked!

It’s understandable if you haven’t noticed this tiny thing before, because most people don’t. They just keep going, on and on. And they remain stuck. Don’t let that be you, you shouldn’t be stuck from manifesting your dreams.

How do you know you’re stuck?

This too is a very good question! I mean, how would you know if you’re stuck and not being able to manifesting your dreams?

I’ve listed some signs to look for, that can tell if you’re currently stuck:

  • You feel apathetic and don’t feel like doing anything you used to love doing
  • Some kind of stress is surrounding you, but you don’t know why you feel stressed
  • You’re experiencing feelings of anxiety
  • Since your desire hasn’t shown up in your life yet, you feel skeptical and doubtful about your manifesting ability.
  • Others seem to have it all together and seem to manifest their dreams, but you can’t seem to make it.
  • You’re talking about other people behind their back

These signs listed above are all signs of low vibratonal frequency.

What you focus on expands

This may be repetition, but repetition is good!

If you’ve been here for a while reading my blog, you know I keep on telling you this. What you focus on expands.

As I wrote in the previous section (just above), I told you that the signs of being stuck and not manifesting your dreams were signs of low vibration.

Now, my friend.

When you give your energy to what you don’t want – you’ll keep on attracting just that.

But the thing I wanted to share here with you today, that came to me so strongly is something else…

Stop this if you want to manifest your dreams!

What I wanted to cover here today isn’t just repetition, even though repetition will improve your learning.

Today, I want to talk more about other people. Now, what do I mean by other people? What does that have to do with you manifesting your dreams?

Well, my friend. It has EVERYTHING to do with it!

I want you to ask yourself this.

Are you truly HAPPY for other people if/when they:

  • Meet the love of their life if you’re still single and don’t seem to meet Mr/Mrs. Right?
  • Inherit a luxury mansion with extra everything that you ever dreamed of, while you’re trying to get by every month?
  • Hitting the lottery jackpot – while you are deeply in debt?
  • Get pregnant – again – while you’ve been struggling for years to get pregnant?
  • Get a promotion with excellent pay while you have a job that makes you hate Mondays?

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself with full honesty. Would you be happy in the situations mentioned above? I mean, not luke-warm so and so happy or “okay happy”… I mean really excited, super happy for them?

When manifesting your dreams…

As you know, I’m all about simplicity. This might sound simple right? That you should be happy? Why wouldn’t you?

But hey… I know it can be easier said than done somethings. You are a human, right? But being aware of this is key, if you want to manifest your dreams successfully.

When you are truly happy for other people, you’re in high vibrational frequency. This means the Universe will keep on sending you things/events/circumstances/persons your way to be happy for.

That shows the Universe that you’re ready to receive your desires. Because when you’re happy for others, you open up to receive.

If you, on the other hand, gossiping on others happiness and success – you’ll ride the elevator down to low vibe.

The time when you’re start feeling grateful and happy and celebrate others success, you’re on your way to manifesting your dreams!

How would the desired you show up and act?

When you feel envy towards others who seem to have everything you want, do this:

Visualize and imagine yourself living your dream life. How would you show up, towards others who succeeded? Would you get envy or bitter? Or self-indulgent?

I don’t think you would!

If manifesting your dreams mean financial abundance and you’re visualizing yourself living that abundant life now. Would you feel envy at others, who were abundant or inherited financial freedom? I don’t think so!

You need to act like the person you want to become!

manifest your dreams

Summary – Stop doing this if you want to manifest your dreams

Let’s wrap up what we’ve covered here in this post:

If you feel stuck and don’t seem to be able to manifest your dreams, you can be in low-vibe rabbit hole.

Signs to look out for that tell if you’re stuck are: apathy, stress, anxiety, unhappiness, doubt, skepticism, others succeed but not you, you’re gossiping about others behind their back…

When others are manifesting their dreams or are very lucky are YOU genuinely happy and grateful for them? Or, are you just luke-warm happy? What you send out – you’ll receive back…

Visualize and feel how it feels when you’ve manifested your dreams. Become the person you want to be, who lives the life you want to manifest.

Ask yourself how that person would act/be/behave. Not feeling self-indulgent towards others, right? Or bitter if others succeed financially?

Feel grateful and genuinely happy for others and open up to infinite possibillities and successful manifestations!

With love, light & gratitude,