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12 easy ways on how to connect with your higher self

By Anna

May 6, 2020

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Have you read about the higher self and wonder how you can connect to your higher self too? You may be asking yourself what part your higher self plays when it comes to unlocking abundance into your life?

What is the higher self?

Since I’m all about keeping things very simple and actionable, I won’t go too down into details here. I want you to get a fundamental understanding of what I mean by the higher self and how you can go within – and get divine guidance.

If you want to dig deeper and learn more, there are many teachers who do exactly that – dig deep. If you want something to read, I highly recommend books by Wayne Dyer.

I’ll also teach more in-depth training about how to live in constant guidance with your higher self in The Gratitude Course that will be launched now this year. Click HERE to be the first to know when it’s available!

So in this post, I’ll keep it short – sweet and to the point. Sounds good?

Higher self comes with many names, depending on who you’re asking.

Source energy, divine, God, your inner being are some of the synonyms you may be familiar with.

connect with your higher self

Your higher self looks to see what is right and good in all the people. It looks for something to be grateful for. It wants you to feel good. Everyday. All the time. No matter what.

Wayne Dyer describes it like this: “Your higher self is always nudging you toward a resolution of the conflicts that you experience in your life, so that you will have room for serenity and harmony”.

I find this is so powerful.

If you’ve been here and following me and this blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of gratitude.

The higher self loves gratitude and appreciation. Remember that when you want to connect with YOUR higher self.

All the great teachers have left a similar message: Go within, discover your higher self and know God as the love within you.

Wayne Dyer

The difference between your higher self and your ego?

So, let’s assume that you’ll ask a question inwards – a question to your higher self. This is by the way a good thing to do, in order to get guidance from within.

How can you make the difference between an ego based answer and an answer from your higher self? How do you know if it’s only your imagination? Something that your mind led you to believe?

This is a very good and relevant question my friend, I’m so glad you asked!

How to know if it’s the ego who’s answering your question:

  • You feel anxious
  • You feel fear or even anger

You see, the ego loves pain. The ego wants you to act like a victim. From a state of fear, pain, anger, anxiety and negativity…

When you want to connect with your higher self and experience feelings like those mentioned above, it’s the ego that knocks on your door. Don’t open and let it in.

The trick here is to let light, love and gratitude lead your way.

The ego creates its identity around pain.

On the other hand, if you feel physical sensations like:

love, gratitude, appreciation, joy & happiness, light or energy….

you get your answer directly from your higher self.

Your feelings and emotions are vital. They are your clues here.

How to connect with the higher self?

You can do this in different ways, choose what suits you the most. As with most of the things we do in life – consistency is key to get better at something and get results. The same goes if you want to connect with the higher self.

These are some methods I recommend (Simplicity, my friend):

  1. Make practicing gratitude a daily habit. For example in the morning and/or in the evening before you go to bed. Gratitude sets you in direct connection with your higher self. To start right away, get your FREE Gratitude Checklist HERE!
  2. ASK a question to your higher self, inwards. Silent or out loud doesn’t matter.
  3. Stay on track with your desire every day.
  4. Focus on the greatest good for all involved in everything you do.
  5. Smile and shine, imagine how you radiate!
  6. Use powerful affirmations as a mantra.
  7. Sing, dance and enjoy MUSIC you love!
  8. Avoid negative people if you can.
  9. When negative emotions approach – make a conscious shift and focus on what you want and gratitude.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Exercise, preferably outdoors in nature.
  12. Express feelings of love to someone near and dear

Relax! You don’t have to do all of these things all the time. Choose ways that works for you!

Remember that the key if you want to connect with your higher self is to aim for positive feelings. Thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. Decisions that make you feel good. Etc.

Why should you connect with your higher self?

You are source energy. You are divine. God if you wish. You are all of that. To unlock your fullest potential, you need the key, right?

The key is to connect with your higher self.

That’s where thing starts to happen.

Don’t get overwhelmed now, even if I understand if this seems very complicated at first sight.

You are evolving. You’re on your journey towards enlightenment and successful manifestations of abundance. You are here for a reason.

But you have your own journey, and you’ll go at your own pace. Your journey will take the time needed. You can’t force it, and you shouldn’t.

Instead, simply focus on to feel good.

Focus on love, light and gratitude.

By doing so, you’ll eventually hold the key in your hand. And connect to source energy. Which is your key to limitless manifestations, love and light. You are source energy, and this is your birthright.

Summary – How to connect with your higher self

I hope you got a basic understanding on how you can connect with source energy.

Let’s summarize what we’ve covered here in this post:

  • Your higher self, divine, your inner being, God are different names meaning the same thing.
  • If you want to connect to your higher self, focus on love, light and gratitude.
  • Practice gratitude on a daily basis
  • ASK your higher self! Either quiet in your mind or loud, your choice.
  • You can also meditate, exercise outdoors in nature, express love to someone near and dear…
  • Listen to good music of your choice! Why not sing and dance along?
  • Stay away from negative people
  • Focus on feeling good!
  • Meditation is a way to connect with your higher self too since it will help you quieting your ego.
  • Focus on the greatest good for all concerned in every situation
  • Stay on track on your desire
  • Shift negative thoughts and emotions when they pop up
  • Use powerful affirmations as a mantra if that’s your thing.
  • Smile and focus on what you’re radiating!

If you only take ONE thing with you here from this post, I want you to focus on practicing gratitude. By practicing gratitude, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also stay high vibe and radiate. I would say that GRATITUDE is your shortcut for unlocking well-being and abundance.

If you haven’t – go grab your FREE Gratitude Checklist HERE!

If you loved this article, feel free to share it to friend who might love it too! Sharing is caring.

With love, light & gratitude,


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