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Manifest abundance when you’re broke?

Do you have a strong desire to manifest abundance? It is extremely common, You are not alone! I see and hear this all the time! But what if you truly want to manifest money while being broke. How does that work out?

Is it working or are you “cursed” in a life of poverty? Don’t worry, I will sort this out for you in this post! Hang tight!

So you want plenty of money?

Are you dreaming of having that big luxurious pool villa and cool Ferrari cars? Traveling the world with your family and friends, living an extravagant life?

Being able to shop in the fanciest stores? Staying at the most expensive and beautiful resorts in the world?

I get it!

Different dreams but the same process

Your dream can be similar or completely different from other fellow manifestors.

But you have one thing in common.

The process, which stays the same no matter what you’re aiming for or who you are. The universe responds exactly the same.

Why do you want to manifest money?

The very first step in the creative process of manifesting is to be crystal clear and specific on what you want. A certain amount of money is easy and also easy to measure.

Abundance, on the other hand, is hard to measure in numbers, of course. But that isn’t so important. The important thing is to be clear and specific on WHY you want it.

Let me explain.

  • If you want to manifest abundance, is it the lifestyle you are after?
  • Financial freedom and/or independence?
  • The freedom to live wherever you want to live?
  • Being able to travel wherever you desire to go, whenever you want to?

Only you know your own why

It’s easy just to say that you want to manifest abundance, but I highly recommend you to take some time with this.

Ask yourself why you want it, what it means to you. In details. Write it down, let the words flow. Write whatever comes to mind. There’s no right or wrong.

When you are super clear on what you want (plenty of money) and why, it’s much easier to visualize. To feel how it feels to live that abundant life now, beforehand.

That’s what you want to do, right? Get aligned with the frequency of your desire.

And you’re achieving that by practicing visualization. Visualization is as you know if you read my blog – an important tool in your manifesting toolbox.

I’m broke – can I still manifest abundance?

We all come from different backgrounds, with different backpacks. You have your story and I have mine. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

But something I really want to cover in this post, and that I see on social media ALL THE TIME is the neediness.

So many people wanting to manifest abundance from a state of lack, from a state of need. And, if you are familiar with my blog and teachings and are familiar with the manifesting process – you know!

You know that you can’t manifest abundance from a state of lack. By doing so, you’re attracting more lack, more bills, more whatever into your life. Because lack/neediness is a low vibration. What you focus on expands as you know.

But hear me here. YES, you can become abundant even if you’re in a tight financial situation now! Of course, you can!

You can turn this trend around and raise your vibration. And start manifesting without feeling the need – which can be tough, I get it!

manifest abundance

Limiting beliefs

When you aren’t seeing any success in your money manifestations, limiting beliefs and self-doubt are often the cause.

Limiting beliefs can be things you’ve been told from your childhood to events in your adult life.

It can be that you’re not feeling worthy. Someone might have told you things like:

  • Rich people are greedy
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • we can’t afford that
  • If I won the lottery I would buy…

These are examples that cause limiting beliefs when it comes to money. Money blocks is another more “fancy” word for this.

If you’ve been told these phrases, you’re likely to think that earning good money is hard. And to make a fortune is almost impossible, except for a lucky few…

If this is you, please know this:

You can re-write your money-story. You can choose to erase your limiting beliefs once and for all. You have the power to do that. It doesn’t matter if you are broke now or if you’re born in poverty. You still have a choice. And by that, you also have the power.

Ways to raise your vibration and turn this negative trend

Gratitude is very powerful to get aligned with the universe and to raise your vibration.

Practicing gratitude will help you a long way. Be aware though, that you will not change your vibration from super low to ultra-high instantly.

You will raise your frequency, for sure. But to go all the way up will take some practicing, so be kind to yourself – and patient.

Making the practice of gratitude a daily habit

A simple way to stay high vibe is by practicing gratitude – daily is the best! It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ritual, short and sweet is enough!

If you like to write, journaling can be an option for you. If you are more verbal, affirmations can be helpful.

I have a gratitude goodie for you which I will explain more about next week! That goodie will be helpful for you and I also have some more surprises that will help you.. so stay tuned!

I have tried – but it doesn’t work!

Yes, yes – I hear you! And I hear and see this all the time too! Listen, my friend. Manifesting abundance isn’t done in a millisecond. OK? If you aren’t aligned, it doesn’t matter what you do.

If you’re telling yourself that it doesn’t work, you are so right! Then it won’t work either. Because.. what you focus on….yes that’s right. What you focus on expands.

When does it manifest? Need to pay the bills!

This question is so common too, so therefore I felt that I needed to write this.

When you NEED to pay your bills and you need money for that – guess what? Your money will stay hidden! Your money won’t manifest! Because, if you are manifesting abundance from a state of lack…you’ll keep on manifesting more….lack!

I’m sorry if I’m not telling you any sugar-coated words now, but I want you to learn.

And I want you to have all the abundance there is because it is your birthright!

Summary – how to manifest abundance even when you’re broke

  1. As with any kind of manifestation, you have to be crystal clear on what you want.
  2. You also would want to know WHY you want it. Why would an abundant life mean to you? This takes us to the next step…
  3. Visualizing! Yes, when you know why you want an abundant life, you can also visualize and FEEL how that feels. Beforehand. That will raise your vibration, to get aligned with the frequency of your desire.
  4. Manifesting abundance from a state of lack or need simply doesn’t work – no matter how hard you try. What you focus on expands.
  5. YES, you can manifest abundance even if you’re poor now. Absolutely! But first, you have to erase limiting beliefs aka money blocks that hold you back.
  6. Practicing gratitude (preferably daily) you will raise your overall vibration. This will help you boost your manifestation! Good?

I hope you found this post valuable. If you have a friend who wants to manifest money and would benefit from this post, please go ahead and share it!

To your manifesting success,


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