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Manifest the lottery win using the law of attraction

Are you looking for ways to manifest the lottery win using universal laws and manifesting? Have you tried several methods and rituals without any results what so ever? Do you feel jealous of others who seem to have it all while you don’t? If that’s you, keep on reading!

If I only could manifest the lottery…

You’ve daydreamed over and over and wished that you only would hit the right numbers on your lottery ticket. Daydreaming about what you would do with all those millions of dollars…

Then it strikes you again and again. No luck this week either.

You feel distrust and stress. You feel kind of helpless in this very situation and it feels like you won’t be able to live that dream life after all. Ever.

Then, the next week – time to manifest the lottery AGAIN! The numbers have to be right this time!

But no… Not this time either.

Is this familiar to you?

Or, do you wish to someday hit that lottery jackpot and purchase all the things you want to have? That luxurious beachfront villa? Or those platinum cars?

If you can relate totally or just a little bit, I want you to know that you’re not alone!

I see this all the time where people are hunting the lottery jackpots week after week, like a rescue boat on an abandoned island in the middle of nowhere…

Why manifesting the lottery win?

I want to ask you something. And this question is key and oh so important. So please pay attention.

Why do you want to manifest the lottery win?

When answering this question, you are on to something. When you start figuring out WHY you’re longing to manifest the lottery jackpot, you’re holding the key to manifesting.

Your WHY is your clue. Your WHY is what you should be focusing on here. Not manifesting the lottery for the sake of winning.

Let me give you an example that will explain how I mean.

Laura wants to manifest the lottery so badly. She has tried and tried, but no success whatsoever. So, she reads this blog post that suggests her write down WHY she wants it.

She is thinking for a while, then she starts to jot down what that money would mean to her in her life. In her journal, it says:

“I want to be able to buy a beautiful home for myself and my family. I want to provide my family with financial security and being able to travel to new places, like Australia”.

Now she’s on to something! Now she can use her why to VISUALIZE and imaging her living that life NOW, beforehand.

The key when manifesting

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, this won’t be new to you. Here is the manifesting process in short:

  1. Be crystal clear and know what you want. Be as specific as you can. Instead of manifesting the lottery, focus on your why.
  2. Visualize and feel how it feels to live that life now before it manifests. The feeling is key here since the feeling will get you vibrationally aligned with your desire.
  3. Let go of HOW and WHEN your desire will show up in your reality. Guess what you’re doing if you want to manifest the lottery jackpot….?
  4. Take aligned & inspired action towards your desire! When you get a subtle nudge in the direction of your desire, go for it! Follow your heart and the path of JOY!

The importance of gratitude

I can’t emphasize this enough. Gratitude is key when manifesting. You have to feel grateful for what you do have in your life now, no matter your circumstance.

If you’re not grateful for what you have now, you’ll keep on receiving exactly that. More things that you aren’t grateful for.

What you focus on expands, always. So practice gratitude and the universe will deliver more things, events, and circumstances for you to feel grateful for.

Great, isn’t it?

To give you an example related to manifesting money I mean that you need to feel grateful for the money you have now. Even if isn’t much. No matter the amount.

Feel grateful when paying your bills. For the money you have and use when paying the bills. If you feel anxious, your vibration lowers and you’ll manifest more situations that bring you anxiety.

If you DON’T manifest the lottery jackpot?

So, what to do when you’ve tried over and over to manifest the lottery without any results? Should you just throw in the towel and give up?

Is your life doomed?

Of course not!

You’re just doing it the wrong way!

From now on, I want you to stop focusing on manifesting the lottery. Instead, focus on HOW you want your life to be. How you want to live. Those things.

You are worthy of having it all, all the abundance that you want. And you can! You just have to let go of your obsession with manifesting the lottery…

Summary – If you want to manifest the lottery win

Let’s sum up what we’ve covered here in this post, shall we?

  • By wanting to manifest the lottery, you’re bothering on the HOW and WHEN. This is a big no-no when manifesting. You are closing so many doors of opportunities!
  • Instead, focus on WHY you want to manifest the lottery! What is it that you’re after? Is it that beachfront house? Is it financial freedom? That lifestyle is what you should focus on.

Then, when manifesting money – you just use the simple formula as with any kind of manifestations:

  1. Be as specific as you possibly can on what it is that you want.
  2. Visualize and feel how it feels when your desire already manifested.
  3. Let go of HOW and WHEN your desire will enter your life and lastly…
  4. take inspired action towards your desire! Remember that you don’t have to take a big leap, a tiny baby step is all that’s needed.

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With love and gratitude,


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