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Manifest what you want – and SMILE!

By Anna

March 4, 2020

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Are you looking for ways to manifest what you want without wasting tons of time doing time-consuming rituals? Then you’re at the right place! In this post, I will share a powerful secret on how YOU can manifest what YOU want by smiling! Come on in, aren’t you interested?

Have you tried to manifest what you want without any results?

What manifesting rituals have you tried? Did you get any success by using them, or did you just feel like you wasted your time?

There are tons of rituals out there, and I’m not saying that they aren’t good. Some people like some kind of rituals, other people prefer something else. When choosing your spiritual coach/Law of attraction coach/life coach, you have to listen inwards. Follow your intuition and see what resonates with you.

But if you are a person who have tried different kind of rituals and procedures without any success, welcome! This post is (hopefully) exactly what you need to get going in the right direction. In the direction of your desire.

Because if you want to manifest what you want, there are a few steps to follow. These steps are so simple that you can do them in your sleep. Promise!

Are you super clear on your desire?

I know, I know. You are eager to learn the steps that will help you manifest what you want, and we’re getting there. Before moving any further, choose something you want to manifest. Something super clear and specific.

Why is that? Well, if your desires are vague and/or random, you will get vague and/or random results. And that’s not what you want, right?

So, therefore, clarity is key.

Follow these simple steps to manifest what you want:

Now when you are super clear on what you want, we’ve actually covered the very first step in the manifesting process. That wasn’t hard, was it?

  1. Step one is clarity. If you want to manifest what you want, you have to know what you want.
  2. The second step is a lot of fun! This is where you visualize yourself having your desire, already manifested into your realm. Visualize and feel how it feels when your desire already manifested!
  3. Step number three is to let go of how and when your desire will show up in your life. Many people tend to skip this step for some reason. I don’t want you to skip this, though. Simply let go and let the universe do its job.
  4. The forth and last step for you in this simple process that will help you manifest what you want is ACTION. Taking inspired action towards your desire. A small step in the right direction is all it takes.

Joy – the secret sauce to manifest what you want

Every great recipes have their own secret sauce, right? Manifesting isn’t an exception! This secret sauce is so amazing and you can add it to any manifesting ritual which you prefer.

That secret sauce is called JOY.

Now you may be shaking your head and wonder what I mean by that. Well, let me explain.

If you let joy and happiness lead your way, you will be on your way to success. Joy and happiness are the highways to high vibration and alignment.

And to manifest what you want you would want to vibrate high at the same frequency as your desire. Remember what I mentioned about visualization… the FEELING is key. Feel how it feels when already manifested.

Let gratitude lead your way

Smile, feel joy and gratitude for what you do have in your life now. For your present life. AND for your desire, already manifested.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis and let joy lead your way.

Can anyone do this?

Yes of course! No special skills are required and it doesn’t matter how your current situation in life looks like.

Everyone can succeed in manifesting what you want, you just have to believe that you can. You have to feel trust in yourself and in the universe.

If you feel doubt, you’ll get more events, circumstances and situations in life to feel doubt for. What you focus on expands. By feeling grateful and trusting, you will get more reasons to feel grateful.

manifest what you want

Useful tips along the way

  • Practicing self-love is a biggie when playing this manifesting game called life. Love yourself, trust and know that you are exactly where you should be.
  • That you grow and learn with every experience you encounter. And trust that YOU have what it takes to manifest what you want in life.
  • Don’t compare your journey with someone else. Your path isn’t the same as your neighbor or friend. You all are on different journeys. You all have different backpacks.
  • If you see someone who is successful and who live the life you want to live, feel grateful and happy for them. See them as proof of what’s possible.

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Summary – why smiling is key to manifest what you want

Joy and happiness are key ingredients in your secret sauce when it comes to manifesting what you want. By practicing gratitude and let joy and happiness lead your way, you will raise your vibration and get aligned with your desire.

Follow these (super simple) steps to manifest what you want:

  1. Be crystal clear on what you want. Vague and/or random desires create vague and/or random results.
  2. Visualize and feel how it feels when your desire already manifested into your reality. The feeling is key here!
  3. Let go of how and when your desire will manifest in your life. It’s the universes job to bother on how or when. It’s not your job!
  4. Take inspired action in the direction of your desire. A small step is enough, just to show the universe that you’re ready!

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With love and gratitude,


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