November 20


Use gratitude to feel better and manifest easier

By Anna

November 20, 2019

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Do you struggle daily in your hamster wheel with negative thoughts and no desire manifested? Do you find it hard to use gratitude in your daily life? Are you struggling with money and manifesting money? Then this post is for you! Stay tuned.

Start your days with gratitude

If you’ve read my previous blog post, you know that I’m all about keeping things plain and simple. I don’t like time-consuming rituals at all. I like to keep things short and sweet, and I think you do too!

By starting your days practicing gratitude, you set yourself up for success!

Why not start your day with affirmations, journaling or other methods of your choice. By doing so, you are raising your vibration a lot!

What you focus on expands

As you know, what you focus on expands. By starting your days practicing gratitude – you’ll attract more to be grateful for. Like attracts like.

So this is really good news, don’t you think?

If you’re setting your intention for the day and focus on what you want to accomplish – you’re more likely to succeed.

You are preparing and sending signals to the universe. And as you know, the universe always responds.

Ways to do it – choose what’s best for you

When you’re starting to use gratitude and starting your day with gratitude – keep it short. Choose the method that you prefer.

If you are a person who likes to write, grab your journal. Write down what you’re grateful for today. Write down your intentions for that particular day.

If you are more a verbal kind of person, go verbal. Maybe you have some affirmations you love, use them. Or if you have a mantra you like. Use that.

Here are some inspirational affirmations for you to spark your creativity:

  • I am grateful for my life
  • Today I’m grateful for my family and my home.
  • I attract limitless wealth and I’m grateful for all the abundance that flows into my life.
  • I feel grateful for my job that fill me with joy and meaning.
  • I’m so grateful for all the people I get to meet through my job.
  • I earn lots of money and I’m so grateful for all the wealth I attract.
  • I am perfect health and I’m so thankful for my strength and body.
  • Thank you for my family, I’m so grateful for my children and husband/wife.

You’ll feel better when practicing gratitude

Not only will you set the tone for your day, but you will also feel better. You will feel less anxious, more relaxed and calm. And more joyous!

If you’re walking around in bitterness and anger, how do you think that will affect your health and overall well-being?

You have everything to win by using gratitude on a regular basis and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Practice gratitude doesn’t have to take time

As I mentioned previously in this post, keep it short and sweet.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to set the alarm a couple of hours earlier, just to be able to practice gratitude. No, 10 minutes will do the work.

If you are practicing verbal affirmations/mantras, it can be helpful to stand in front of a mirror. Try it out for yourself and see what fits best for you.

Use gratitude – quick steps

  1. Put a journal next to your bed if you prefer to write affirmations or sentences of gratitude. This will make it easier for you to create a new habit in your daily life.
  2. Remember that it takes time to create and establish a new habit. Try to stick with it for at least 3 weeks. If you forget one day or two, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just keep going and start from where you left off. Don’t judge, just keep going.
  3. If you find it hard to come up with things you’re grateful for, start with the obvious. It can be your life, family, kids, pet, job, home… When you get used to practicing gratitude, it will be easier to apply it when manifesting too.

Use gratitude when manifesting

I recommend you to start using gratitude regularly, for what you have here and now. This will help you get used to the process and will make it easier to apply when manifesting.

When you have been practicing gratitude on a regular basis, then you add it when manifesting. It is a powerful tool when you’re manifesting, and especially when visualizing.

Use gratitude when manifesting like this:

  • First and foremost, be crystal clear on what you want to manifest. Writing down your desire can be helpful.
  • Then, visualize. Here gratitude comes into play! When visualizing, you’re pretending how it feels when having your desire already. Beforehand.
  • You want to get into the feeling of having it. And by applying gratitude you move closer to that feeling. Feel grateful for your desire beforehand.

This can feel strange at first, as with everything new. But be patient and kind to yourself. Give yourself the time you need to get used to it.

The stronger you feel gratitude for your desire beforehand, the stronger your vibration.

And when manifesting, you want to vibrate at the same frequency as your desire. So, using gratitude is the way to go – if you ask me!

I have something for you!

Do you feel like you need some guidance and support to get started with practicing gratitude?

I hear you!

You are not alone, and I’m here to help.

The good news is that you don’t need to struggle all alone anymore. I’ve created a couple of freebies for you, that will help you get started.

  • A gratitude calendar (printable) which will remind you of practicing gratitude


  • a gratitude checklist, which you can print and put somewhere you can see it.

Click HERE to download, and you will have both the calendar and the checklist on the way to your inbox in a few minutes! Good isn’t it?

Remember, I want you to succeed. That’s my mission. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

With lots of love, blessings, and gratitude


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