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How you speak and behave about money determines how easily you can create money

Do you want to manifest more money into your life but no matter what you do, you aren’t getting any desired results? If you resonate, let me tell you that you’re not alone. In this post I’ll talk about creating money and the importance of how you speak about it. Sounds exciting? I thought it would! Let’s dig in, shall we?

So you want to manifest money?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

People who say that money doesn’t mean anything, as long as you are happy & healthy are lying to themselves, in my opinion. Why?

Well, money equals freedom. It equals the freedom to choose. Peace of mind. The ability to give and provide for others.

Money is energy and when money is circulating in our society, our economy benefits. With no circulation we experience stagnation. That stagnation isn’t beneficial for anyone.

So, that you have a desire to create money in your life is a healthy desire.

HOWEVER, how you do it can make or break your ability to succeed.

create money

The art of money manifestation in short

I’ll share four simple steps that you can use in order to manifest more money into your life. I’m all about simplicity, so if you are looking for complex rituals – I’m not your girl… So, simple it is!

For you who are familiar with me and this blog, you will recognize this. If you do, re-read it again. You are here for a reason and repetition is a part of your learning process, you can always learn something new.

  1. The very first step when creating money (and to manifest whatever you like!) is to be clear on what you want. For money, you want to be clear on the amount you want to manifest into your reality. Tip: Don’t just grab a big number out of the blue. Instead, go for something you truly want. Hint: Focus on your WHY.
  2. Then, it’s time to have fun and visualize yourself having that money already manifested into reality. Beforehand. Be creative, relaxed and enjoy the process. Feel how it feels!
  3. Third, and this is something SOOO many people tend to skip! All the time, I mean – look at all people who are purchasing lottery tickets! I’m talking about letting go of how and when your desire, your money, will manifest in your life. It’s not your job to take care of that, that’s the Universe’s job.
  4. Forth step is all about action. Inspired action. It’s not about taking a quantum leap, although you can – of course – do that if you get a hunch. But what I’m talking about is tiny baby-steps, like calling someone. Going somewhere. Doing something that feels intuitive right.

Also. Feel grateful for what you do have in your life now, as is. No matter your financial situation. AND feel grateful for your desire, beforehand.

And start out with something small if you’re new to this. Then raise the bar as you progress and feel comfortable.

What are you telling yourself and others? And how are you acting?

What I see and hear over and over again is people complaining about their financials.

They say they can’t afford this and that. They tell themselves, their spouse or their kids how expensive things are.

No wonder you cant create money into your reality?

Mind your money talk, that’s my golden tip to you. How you speak about money determines how easy you can create money into your life.

You can allow it freely or you can hold it away from you.

manifest abundance

The steps to creating money & abundance

If you recognize yourself as a person who speaks in a negative manner about money and money manifestation, the first step is to just stop doing that.

  • Talk positively about money. Take off your “lack-filter” who see money from a lack perspective.
  • Feel optimistic and see money as what it is. Energy.
  • If you are desperate for money, money will not come.
  • If you feel jealous of others who have created money, wealth and abundance – you’ll not receive money into your life. You’ll keep receiving circumstances where you are in a position to feel jealous of others who have more than you do.
  • When you pay your bills, feel grateful about it. You are a part of the money circulation puzzle. You allow money to flow in and out through your life. If you condemn your bills or feel bad when you pay for something, you are creating from a state of lack.

What you put out, you receive back. Always.

Summary – Wanna manifest money?

  • Speak positively about money, wealth and abundance if you want to create money.
  • Feel happy for others who are wealthy, skip jealousy. Celebrate!
  • Don’t bother on how or when
  • Skip the lottery tickets. If you “need” lots of money in order to be happy, you’re manifesting from a state of lack. And by going for the lottery-win, you are bothering on how or when – and that’s the Universe’s job…
  • Feel grateful when paying your bills or paying for things in general.
  • Start out with something small to begin with, something you actually believe you can manifest. As you feel more comfortable and get a hold of the process, you can raise the bar.

You are worthy of money, wealth and abundance. That is your birthright. And you have an infinite source of divine power within you. You just have to discover it and learn how to use it.

You can do this, you have everything you need at your fingertips to succeed.


I believe in you!

With love, light & gratitude,

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