February 4


How to ask the universe for money?

By Anna

February 4, 2021

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How do you ask the universe for money? Are you one of many people out there who dream of manifesting lots of money? Have you tried and tried without any desirable results?

If you have, this post is for you! I will teach you how to ask the universe for money, and yes – it’s easier than you think! Are you ready? All right, let’s do this!

So, you want money?

I’m not kidding when I’m telling you that manifesting money is the number one most popular desire! Surprised? No, I figured you wouldn’t!

Many people want to live a life of abundance and financial freedom.

Including you, I assume. That’s why you’re here, reading this post. To learn and make it work. Because if it all worked like a charm, you wouldn’t be here – would you?

Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to ask the universe for money.

how to ask the universe for money

And if you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’m all about simplicity. This isn’t an exception.

I want to keep things plain and simple. I want you to succeed. So, easy is key. All the time. Good?

Before you ask the universe for money

As with any manifestation, it all starts with your desire. Asking the universe for money isn’t any difference between any other manifestation. The process is the same, so when you’ve learned to manifest anything – you can do it again, and again…

So, let’s talk about your desire. What do you want in terms of money?

What amount would you love to manifest? Write it down! Be as specific as you can.

Hint: Start with something small when you’re new at this.

Why should you ask the universe for something small?

Well, let me explain. Since like attracts like and your vibration has to match the vibration of your desire – start small.

It’s easier to vibrate and attract something you think you can manifest. If you’re setting the bar too high at first, you can doubt your manifesting ability.

It can be hard to get into the feeling of having your desire already when you don’t think you can. Actually, it’s impossible.

It requires you to feel the feeling of having your desire beforehand. That feeling is the vibration you’re after. What you feel, your emotions determine your vibration.

You can’t vibrate at the same frequency as a Ferrari if you don’t think you can have it.

Don’t forget your “why

Your why is very important, it will help you visualize and get into the feeling of having your desire.

Write it down as well, if that helps. Why do you want that amount which you would love to manifest? What will that money do for you?

How you ask the universe for money – the steps

Here are the steps on how to ask the universe for money:

  1. Be crystal clear and specific on what you want. The exact amount. Know why you want it too, that will help!
  2. Visualize and feel how you feel when having your desire already, beforehand. The feeling is key, your emotions affect your vibrations.
  3. Let go of how and when your desire will manifest. The universe will deliver your desire in perfect divine timing. If you’re stressed on how or when it will manifest or why it hadn’t – you’re keeping your desire away from you! By focusing on lack, you attract more lack…
  4. Take inspired action towards your desire! Ask yourself what small step you can take today towards your dream. When you feel those nudges of inspiration aligned with your desire, act!

When will signs that show it’s working?

Well, this is important.

Don’t analyze what signs to look out for, if your manifestation is approaching!

By doing that – what are you signaling to the universe? Lack!

You’re focusing on the absence of your desire! A big no-no. So please, don’t look for signs! The more you’re looking and analyzing, the longer it will take…

The key to letting go when you ask the universe

This is worth repeating since I’m seeing this mistake all the time: Let go means let go. Nothing else.

By focusing on signs and stressing on the absence of your desire – nothing will happen. I get it, it’s easier said than done. But it is so important if you want to manifest successfully!

Let go, don’t be attached to the outcome. See it as a bonus if it manifests. If you have that approach – you will be much better off and vibrate at a higher frequency just by doing so.

Summary – how you ask the universe for money

All right, let’s wrap this up.

Asking the universe for money is super common, so you’re in good company when doing so!

How you ask the universe for money is exactly how you ask the universe for other things too. The process is exactly the same, no matter the manifestation. In short, it goes like this:

  • You have to be super clear on what that is that you want. Since we’re talking about money in this post, be specific on what amount you want to manifest. Also, know why you want it!
  • Visualize, close your eyes and imagine yourself having that money now. Beforehand. How does it feel? The feeling is key!
  • It is so very important to let go of how and when it will manifest into your reality.
  • Taking inspired action, when you get a nudge of doing something, going somewhere… It doesn’t have to be a big jump, a small step is enough. Listen inwards, how does that step feel like? The feeling is key here as well! Trust your inner guidance!

Be patient with yourself. Have fun, start small and raise the bar as you go.

Next week I have something special for you, about manifesting money! I know you’ll love it!

With love and gratitude,


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  1. MATHEW JOY says:

    Dear Ms Anna, as far as I am concerned , it is a new experience for me as I am struggling for money to manifest it and making it a reality. I would like to follow the guidance that you have given me so far. I would like to start with a small amount first, as you said. I am visualizing as if I have already that money flowing into my account and letting go off the thought as to when it is going to happen. Good idea. I am practicing it now on.
    I am looking forward for your weekly guidance as well.
    Thanks & Regards


    1. Hi there Mathew!
      It sounds good that you start with a small amount. That along with the practice of gratitude will take you long way! Then, be aware of inspiring thoughts that pop up, and act upon them in the direction of your desire.
      You’ve got this! 🙂


  2. Matthew Ameyaw says:

    please I want to be rich without any harm


  3. Pasepa lee says:

    Hi Anna,thank you so much for that,I really really need to follow that so I can fullfil my dream one day to win the lottery and buy are house for me nd my 3 children . during this lock down life is really hard for me .all I need is are house nd to fullfil my children dreams .I will be looking forward for your guidance.thank you


    1. Hi there!
      I would highly suggest you not to focus on winning the lottery. By doing so, you’re bothering on the HOW, which is a “no-no” for successful manifestations.

      Instead, focus on the lifestyle more money would give you. You can absolutely manifest a certain amount of money, but don’t bother on the details (i.e how). Trust that the Universe will deliver your desire in perfect divine timing.


  4. What is considered a small amount


    1. That’s a good question! What’s considered a small amount depends from person to person, but an amount that you simply can detach from. Something believable. Something “tiny”.
      I hope that make sense. 🙂


  5. Aroop Ghosh says:

    Looking forward to the free copy


  6. Gabriel Adotey Jnr says:

    Please I want to unlock my wealth how I will get my money what I will do to get money things I will do to get rich please help me via my email or give me yours please I need help have a blissful day


    1. Hi Gabriel! I suggest that you check out the FREE 7-day e-course, where you get tips, inspiration and the ingredients so that you can start manifest more wealth and abundance into your life. You can sign up for the challenge HERE!


  7. Sen Frazer rebello says:

    Anna you are my universe


  8. I love how you are so comfortable and sympathic towards the readers. I just manifested my money into my life with the help of your amazing guide. Thank you, and may the universe always be with you!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy for you!
      With love, light & gratitude,


  9. Tyrone Scott says:

    I need sum money so I can start a business


  10. Nancy Acquah says:

    I want to be very rich to be able to help the poor and the needy


  11. I’m very confused. How does the universe give you the money. Will you get a check in the mail. How will you see the money.


  12. Please help me to get money to start a business


  13. How do I manifest money from universe


  14. Basel Parsley says:

    I ask God and he provides .


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