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How does money make you FEEL?

Are you looking for ways to attracting money into your life? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Manifesting and attracting money, wealth and abundance is the most common thing people ask me questions on, all the time. In this post, we will dig into why how you FEEL about money it’s essential for your money manifestation success. Are you ready to dive in?

Attract money – what’s your why?

First and foremost I’ll start with something you might want to skip through. But I highly recommend you to pause if just for a second, and read this section.

I’m talking about WHY you want to attract money into your life, and by that I mean more money – of course. What’s your why? Now you might be asking why this is important.

Well, as with all kind of manifestations – your why is just as important. It will not only help you get clear and specific on your desire, it will also help you stay focused and on track with your desired outcome.

You see, if you would be changing your mind back and forth and not being certain of why you want what you want- you’re sending mixed signals to the Universe.

And that will just lead to… nothing.

Before you do anything else – get clear on why this is important to you. When you know that deep in your heart, move on.

Attracting money & abundance – The steps

If you did your work and if you are clear on WHY you want to attract more money, wealth & abundance – everything that follows will go so much easier for you.

Let me share the simple steps in the manifestation process. Yes, they are plain and simple – because there’s no need to make things complicated. Manifesting is EASY, so let’s keep it that way. Why learn the hard way if you can learn with ease? For me personally, I prefer simplicity every day of the week rather than complex rituals and procedures that requires endless amount of time…

So – here are the steps, as follows:

The Super Simple Manifestation Process

  1. Clarity on what you want

    What do you want? What’s your innermost desire? Getting crystal clear and super specific is key, so take your time and don’t stress this. Remember, vague and/or random desires will create vague and/or random results. Even NO results, if you are too vague!

  2. Visualize and FEEL

    Now, when you are super clear and specific on what it is that you want, it’s time to visualize. Imagine yourself having your desire now, already manifested into reality. How does it FEEL?

  3. Let go of how and when

    After you’ve visualized and imagined yourself having your desire already manifested, it’s important to let go of HOW and WHEN your desire will show up into your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re attracting money or something else. It’s just as important. This is why manifesting lottery wins are such a bad idea.

  4. Take aligned, inspired action

    I want you to know that you need to show the Universe that you’re ready. You can’t just be sitting on your couch and affirming on Social Media all day long, and hoping to make bank. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. You have to take a small step, in the direction of your desire. Ask yourself what small step you can take today, that will help you bring forth your desire.

Well, that wasn’t hard or complicated at all, was it? You see, attracting money is simple. It’s supposed to be simple.

How do you FEEL about money can make or brake your money manifestation

Now, this is a biggie. Let me ask you something. I want you to really think this one through.

When it comes to money, and by money I mean YOUR money – the money YOU have in your bank account NOW – How do you FEEL?

How does YOUR finances make you FEEL?

Your feeling is an important clue when it comes to attracting money or not attracting money…

If you feel bad, worried or stressed when thinking about your financial situation – you’re most likely manifesting from a state of lack. This means you’ll keep on attracting more of the same (lack) into your physical realm.

If thinking about your current financial situation makes you feel great, and I mean really great – that’s awesome! Then you’re manifesting from an abundant state and will have an easier time to attracting what you want to you.

It’s not your fault

I know. There are a lot of people who are struggling with money manifestations. If you are one of them, let me tell you that you’re not alone. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault.

The way we feel and think about money is often something we’ve learned as small children.

attracting money

Reasons many people can’t attract money

Why is it that so many people struggle when trying to attract money into their lives?

Well, the reasons can be many. I’ll list some of the most common reasons so many people are stuck without manifesting their desired financial outcome:

  • They bother on the how and when. Note that it’s not your job to figure out how or when your desire will show up in your life. That’s the Universe’s job.
  • They are manifesting from a state of lack – which will create more of the same (lack)…
  • Instead of focusing on their desires, they focus on the absence of their desires.
  • Jealousy of others is another common reason. They see others who are successful and live the life they dream of living. Jealousy will keep your vibration low and give you more experiences to feel jealous for… a good reason to ditch jealousy right away, don’t you think?
  • They aren’t happy and/or grateful with what they do have right now.

Some tips along the way

Before we wrap up now, I want to share a few valuable tips that can help you attract money:

  • Feel grateful for what you do have now, as well as for your desire beforehand. Truly grateful.
  • Focus on what you do want, not the opposite of it.
  • Focus on the amount you want to manifest, instead of fixating on hitting the lottery jackpot…
  • Each day, take one small step (guided by your intuition) towards your desire.

Summary – Tips for attracting money

I hope you found this blog post valuable. Attracting money is super fun and amazing. When you learn to make the process work in your favor, you can create and attract anything you like in life. How cool and amazing isn’t that?

  1. First, we talked about your why. Get clear on why you want to attract more money into your life.
  2. Then, I shared the manifestation process – which is super simple and applicable no matter what you are looking to manifest. It goes like this: Get clear on what you want – Visualize – Let go of how & when – take aligned, inspired action!
  3. Then, we covered why how you FEEL about money is so important if you want to attract money successfully. If you feel worried, stressed or bad when thinking about your own financial situation right now – you’re most likely manifesting from a state of LACK. Which will create more of the same (lack).
  4. We also covered some of the most common reasons so many people get stuck when they try to attract money into their lives.
  5. And lastly – I strongly recommended you to feel grateful for what you do have in your life right now – no matter your financial situation. And that it’s a good idea to ditch the lottery dream and simply focus on what you DO WANT.

When manifesting, keep it playful and enjoy the process. You can’t stress abundance into reality, it doesn’t work like that. You attract your desire when you’re a vibrational match to it. Like attracts like.

You’ve got this, I believe in you!

With love, light & gratitude,