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Do you want me to share a manifestation secret?

Today I’m going to share something I wish I knew earlier in life! Oh gosh, that would have saved me tons of time. But, better late than never – right? Are you ready for a manifestation secret that can be a game changer for you, if you let it? I bet you are! Sit tight!

The Manifestation Process in short

Before I tell you about these manifestation secrets, I’ll just share the manifestation process very briefly. If you’ve been here with me for a while, this will be old news. However, repetition will enhance your learning – and that’s a good thing!

When you are manifesting, no matter what your desire is, you can use these steps.

The Manifestation Process is as follows:

  1. The first step is clarity, being crystal clear on your desire.

    Take some time when thinking this one through and don’t stress it. Be as crystal clear as you possibly can, because vague and/or random desires create vague and/or random results. In worst case – no results…

  2. Visualization

    Now, this is when it gets fun! It’s time to get creative! Be playful when doing this and don’t push yourself. Imagine yourself already have your desire, already manifested into your physical reality. Get into the feeling of having it already.

  3. Let go of how and when

    I see way too many people skip this step too often! What this means is to not bother on how or when your desire will show up in your life. It’s not your job to determine when or how. It’s the Universe’s job. So leave that to the Universe and trust divine timing. You may also want to read why I think manifesting a lottery win is a really bad idea.

  4. Inspired action

    This step is also something I see so many people skip. And I really don’t understand why. Don’t let “inspired action” scare you. Often a tiny baby-step towards your desire is all that’s needed. Just to show the Universe that you’re serious, and ready.

Don’t forget…

Also, don’t forget to apply gratitude. That’s actually one of the manifestation secrets. More on that later on in this post.

These steps are quite plain and simple, aren’t they? You see, manifestation isn’t hard. It’s simple and it should be. There’s no need to make things more complicated than it needs to be. I like to keep it simple, and I think you are too!

What is these manifestation secrets?

Now, my friend. Let me reveal the top 3 most powerful manifestation secrets I came across. Apply them and watch what happens.

Manifestation Secret number 1 – Gratitude

As mentioned previously, gratitude is one of the manifestation secret I found super valuable. When I’m talking about gratitude in terms of manifestation and manifestation success, I mean gratitude for what you do have in your life now – as is. But not only that. Also gratitude for your desire beforehand. By practicing gratitude you’ll receive more things, events & circumstances in your life to feel grateful for.

Unconditional love and self-love – Manifestation Secret number 2

Unconditional love. Love yourself and others. Ditch hate and anger. Say goodbye to judgment and gossiping. We are all connected in this loving Universe. What you send out, you’ll receive back.

And the last manifestation secret…

Web shop concept. Yes, you read me right. This is a manifestation secret I don’t think many people are aware of. Are you? Let me explain what I mean. Imagine yourself placing an order on any web shop online. You add what you want to purchase to cart, you pay, you fill in your address and then click “submit” or equivalent. Now you’re trusting the process fully, aren’t you? You aren’t worried whether you’ll receive or not. Or when. You’ve already placed your order, so you let go completely.

Listen. The same goes with manifestation. You are placing the order to the Universe, then you’re letting go. You trust the process. You trust divine timing.

manifestation secrets

But what if I won’t receive what I asked for?

Now you might be asking yourself: “But what if I aren’t receiving?”

Well… as soon as your mind starts to think in those terms, you’re focusing on the absence of your desire. You’re focusing on lack. Which will create more of that into your life…

Summary – Manifestation Secrets that changed everything for me

Let’s summarize what we’ve covered here in this post, shall we?

The 3 most powerful manifestation secrets I’ve came across are as follows:

  1. Gratitude. Both for what you do have in your life now, as is. Also gratitude for your desire, beforehand. A sincere feeling of gratitude helps you tune into the frequency of receiving.
  2. Unconditional love & self-love. This is extremely powerful, too. Ditch hate, jealousy, complaining of others, gossiping, judgment…
  3. Web shop concept. Think about manifesting like placing an order from a catalog or from your favorite web shop. You place the order, then you’re letting go and trust the process.

I hope you enjoyed these powerful manifestation secrets! They may sound ridiculously simple, but still so many people seem to “forget” about them – and so they stay stuck… So please, go ahead and try it out!

You’ve got this.

With love, light & gratitude



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