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Can you raise your vibration by eating the right food?

By Anna

November 18, 2020

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You already know the importance of raising your vibration in order to manifest your desires, right? So now let me ask you something… Can you raise your vibration by eating the right food? Stay tuned, I got you covered!

Why do you need to be raising your vibration?

First and foremost, you might be asking yourself: Why is this important? Why do I need to raise my vibration? What does that have to do with manifestation? Well, that’s a good question!

We are all made of energy. We are all vibrating at different frequencies. I bet you’ve heard that people feel “low”. Different moods make you vibrate at different frequencies. The better you feel, the higher your vibration.

I highly recommend this article, if you want to learn more about boosting your frequency and 11 ways on how you can raise your vibration.

What’s that got to do with manifestations?

Well, the thing is this.. You will receive your desire when, and only when, you are a vibrational match to that which you want to manifest into your life. When you are aligned and tuned into the frequency of your desire.

Think about it like a radio station. In order to listen to rock music, you tune into a radio station that plays rock music.

Can you raise your vibration just like that?

Yes, you can shift and raise your vibration just like that and very quickly. That comes handy, since you’ll experience circumstances every now and then that will make you feel low.

By simply being aware and know how you can shift your vibration will not only make you feel better – it will help you manifest your desires much easier, too. How good isn’t that?

So, how can you raise your vibration with food?

Food is – just as you are – energy. You might have heard “you become what you eat”? Well, yes – you do. Of course, eating fast food once in a while won’t be sabotaging your manifestations. But eating clean will surely help you raise your vibration and stay high vibe. Processed food are often artificial and not so natural.

can you raise your vibration

What food helps you get and stay high vibe?

If you’ve been with me here on the blog for a while, you know that I’m all about keeping things simple. This is not an exception.

So, if you want to know what kind of food that will help you stay high vibe, aim for as clean food as possible.

Some examples of high vibrating nutrients are:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Berries
  • Seeds, nuts
  • Eggs
  • Lean, white meat such as turkey, chicken
  • Seafood

To keep things simple, try to eat as clean as you possible can. Keep your intake of processed food/fast food/sugar at a minimum. And also, avoid red meat as much as you can.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to go vegan, unless you really want to.

Do what works for you, but bare in mind that what you eat will affect your vibration, the frequency you’re sending out.

Summary – Can you raise your vibration with the right food?

You are energy and the food is energy, too. There are foods that can help you raise your vibration and help you stay high vibrating and energetic.

Here are some examples of food that help you raise your vibe:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Berries
  • Seeds, nuts
  • Seafood
  • White, lean meat like chicken or turkey
  • Eggs

I’m not saying that you need to change radically in order to manifest successfully. But it can be a good idea to eat as clean as possible and reduce your days with fast food, sugar and red meat.

Simply by being aware of how food can affect your vibration can help you turn things around when you’re feeling low.

Enjoy your journey and be patient and kind to yourself. You’ve got this!

With love, light & gratitude,

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