manifest weight loss

Do you want to manifest weight loss?

Are your clothes feeling tighter and more uncomfortable? Do you have a desire of losing some weight to get more energy and feel better? Would you love to manifest weight loss but you don’t know where to begin?

In this post, I will share the steps you can take to succeed with your weight loss manifestation.

Are you ready?

Is it possible to manifest weight loss?

First of all, you might wonder if it’s possible to manifest weight loss at all? My short answer is YES.

As I always say, you can manifest anything your heart desires. Weight loss isn’t an exception. Good news, right?

The process

So, you want to lose some weight and use your manifesting ability to make it happen? All right! No problem.

When manifesting weight loss, you are using exactly the same process as always.

The simple process is as follows:

  1. Decide on what you want. What’s your desired weight? Write it down, clarity is important. Be detailed when writing it down.
  2. Declutter, let go of limiting beliefs that might keep you stuck. I’ll cover more about this further on in this blog post, don’t worry!
  3. Visualize and feel how it feels when you’re having your desired weight already. Live that future you and be playful about it.
  4. Feel grateful for your perfect weight now beforehand.
  5. Take inspired action. What small step can you take today, towards your desired weight?

May I tell you a secret?

It isn’t any difference between manifesting weight loss than manifesting anything else. It really isn’t.

This can stop you from manifesting weight loss

Previous in this article I told you that one step in the manifesting process is to let go of limiting beliefs.

And yes, that is a biggie!

Limiting beliefs when it comes to weight loss can be something like:

  • I gain weight soo easy!
  • Losing weight is hard
  • Weight loss means starving and that’ll be so tough…
  • I’m not worthy of losing weight
  • I am so fat
  • When I lose weight, it never lasts...

What story are you telling yourself?

If you’re telling yourself that you are fat, guess what the universe will deliver to you? Exactly!

And if the story you’re telling yourself is that you gain weight super easy… oh yep. I bet you guessed it. You will keep on gaining weight super easy.

You get what you ask for. Always.

The solution is…

Don’t feel hopeless if you are one of those who have one or many limiting beliefs in your backpack.

You can win this.

Knowledge is power and now when you know – do something about it. Re-write the stories you tell yourself and you prepare for success!

Positive affirmations that can help

To remove your limiting beliefs and negative stories you can try positive affirmations like:

  • I am perfect exactly as I am
  • I am healthy
  • I am beautiful
  • I am loving myself

I’m all about simplicity and I don’t mean that you need to repeat these affirmations over and over. You can use them when negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are approaching.

This is a form of decluttering.

When re-writing the stories you’re telling yourself you are forgiving. You are removing those blocks.

They don’t serve you. They can’t hold you back anymore when you decide to get rid of them.

Trust and know that you have the power to do that. It’s your job. Not anyone else’s.

Important note

If you want to lose weight very fast and need a quick fix, then I’m not your coach. In that case, I recommend that you hire a weight loss coach, a fitness coach or equal. This post isn’t about that, it’s about manifesting and weight loss combined. I wanted to mention this, so there will be no misunderstanding.

But I’m not losing weight…?

Take a moment. Be honest and ask yourself if you’ve taken action steps daily towards your desired weight.

It can be something like:

  • Choosing healthy meals instead of fast food
  • Skip that glass of wine
  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Head to the gym

What would that future you, with your desired weight already manifested do?

By answering that question you’ll take steps in the direction of your desire.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built on one day. If you feel like you’re having a setback, rinse and repeat. It’s OK!

Summary – how to manifest weight loss

So, what we’ve covered here in this post is how you can do if you want to manifest a desired weight or size.

  • The manifesting process is exactly the same as with any other kind of manifestations
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that may hold you back from losing weight. Positive affirmations can help.
  • Visualize and feel how you feel when your desired weight manifested. Feel grateful for your healthy body beforehand.
  • Don’t forget to take inspired action! If you want a change, you have to change. What small step can you take today towards your desired weight?

Some last thoughts

I’m all about loving yourself as you are. You are perfect exactly the way you are.

I hope you don’t want to lose weight because of someone else. To make someone else happy. Or to be lucky.

Be true to yourself. If you want to do it, do it for you.

But also, don’t forget to be kind. Kind to yourself. Because you are oh so worthy. No matter how you look. No matter your size.

And happiness isn’t in the proportion of your weight. Weight loss won’t make you happy. You choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice.

Love and blessings,



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