August 14


Are you manifesting in fear?

By Anna

August 14, 2019

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Do you have a strong desire you’d love to manifest in your life but you don’t feel aligned? Are you scared of failure, of doing it wrong? You can be manifesting in fear!

In this post I’ll cover how you can solve it, so stay tuned!

Are you manifesting in fear or trust?

When you have a desire of something, event or feeling you want to manifest into your life, how does it make you FEEL?

Are you feeling the bubbling sensations within, the feeling of joy and love?

Or, do you feel scared?

Scared for not being able to manifest what you want? Would you describe it like you’re scared of failure?

Listen to your inner guidance

So how can you recognize if you’re manifesting in fear and scarcity?
I would recommend you to listen to your inner guidance. To your gut feeling. Your inner guidance, your intuition.

Listen, I mean really listen. How does it feel?

Are you manifesting in fear due to lack of something? Lack of money or something else? (To read more about manifesting money, I recommend you to go and check out my blog post about attracting money by clicking here.)

If so, you can be manifesting in fear!

And by identifying this, you can actually do something about it!

I promise that you’re not alone. Everyone has been manifesting in fear due to lack, no doubt my mind.

But when you listen to your intuition, you’ll get the answers you need to identify and to change the outcome.

Dig deep

Sometimes, at first sight, you might not notice any signs of fear. It’s often hidden deep within. Often you find your answers in your childhood. Some event that happened to you. One or maybe many times.

Did your parents struggle to pay their bills on time? Were there lots of stress due to lack, somehow?

When you take your time and dig deep, you will not only get an incredible opportunity to detect the fear. You will also be able to do something about it.

I mean, why should you live your life and be stuck because of something that happened in the past?

You are worthy of living an extraordinary life.

To create an extraordinary life, you have to remove your irritating stones from your shoe. So that you can take your walk of life in a comfortable way, exactly as you like!

What do you say, aren’t you so worth it?

Applying forgiveness

So when you have identified the thing that keeps you stuck in fear, that make you manifest in fear – forgive.

By applying forgiveness you make peace with yourself.

You are making peace also with people involved in the past if there were anyone involved.

Forgive yourself and know that you are oh so worthy!

Let go of those heavy chains from the past, they don’t serve you anymore!

Write down what you want to forgive

Why don’t you write all the fear-related things you have stored in your backpack in a journal?

  • Write it down, all things that come to mind
  • It can be persons, things, events that happened…
  • When you’re done, read it through. Line by line.
  • Forgive yourself and the person involved, if someone is. You don’t need to (nor should you!) forgive someone face to face while doing this. That person can misunderstand, and that won’t serve you.

This can be an ongoing exercise that can help you when you feel like you manifest in fear.

If you want to read more about using forgiveness as a manifesting tool, check out THIS blog post!

No more manifesting in fear

I’ll tell you this, my friend. Dealing with this is a big deal!

Many people are living their lives with a jammed backpack full of fear and other things. Many don’t deal with these things and that can be a reason that many people feel stuck in life. They feel victimized.

But that’s not you!

You are an action-taker. You care about yourself and your life. Your family and loved ones. And of course, your dreams.

From now on, you won’t manifest in fear! Instead, you will trust and know – that you’re so worthy!

The past is the past, and the only thing we have is now. It’s up to you what you’re doing with your now. Make it worthwhile!

You’ve got this! I believe in you!

With love and gratitude,


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