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Attract Money Fast By Using Gratitude

Are you looking for ways to attract money fast? Did you know how the power of gratitude can help your process? In this post, I will cover how to attract money fast and speed up your manifesting…

Attract Money Fast – Who Wouldn’t Want That?

So you want more money. Of course, you do, who doesn’t?

You are in good company, I believe that manifesting money is one of the hottest topics there is when it comes to The Law Of Attraction and manifesting.

And I totally understand why. Think of all the freedom that money brings.

Time-freedom, financial freedom, being able to support the one you love and care for… The ability to travel and discover new places around the world…

When you don’t have the amount of money that gives you that feeling of comfort and security, you get stressed. Lack causes stress.

When Jane Wants To Attract Money Fast

Let me tell you a little story. A story about a person, let’s call her Jane.

Jane is a hard-working mom and she’s having a tough time financially. She has a decent paying job but she still struggles to get by every month.

This month, the bills are piling up and she bought birthday presents for two family members for their upcoming birthdays. She also bought new clothes for her son.

The stress levels increases and she really want more money! If she only hit the lottery jackpot, then everything would be perfect!

She has read about The Law Of Attraction and watched the movie “The Secret”. And she just loves the concept! She wants to be able to manifest too!

She looks around everywhere for signs of synchronicity and combination of numbers. And she wonders why nothing happens.

So she sends her wishes out there to the universe, and she says a hundred affirmations daily or even thousands. She just needs this to work!

She gets even more stressed and frustrated.

And affirms even more.

She browses on several Facebook Groups and gladly types “YES” on Facebook posts that promise unlimited abundance if she just comments “YES”… But still, nothing happens.

Does this story resonate with you?

What You Focus On Expands

I know, I’ve told you this many times. But I can’t emphasize this enough. This is essential. What you put your attention on, what you focus on – expands. Simple as that.

In the example above, Jane really needs that money right away. She doesn’t have the time to trust the process. To visualize and feel. She just wants a quick fix. She manifests due to lack. And guess what she gets?

Since what we focus on expands, the universe will deliver back to you exactly what you focus on.

Therefore, wanting to attract money fast when you are needy – isn’t a good idea.

That will just keep the money and abundance away from you.

Because if you focus on the absence of money, you will attract more absence of money. Like attracts like.

attract money fast

What Are You After?

A more effective way to attract money fast is to really think about what you are after. I mean, for real.

What would more money mean to you in your life?

  • Is it financial freedom and security?
  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want?
  • Being able to support your family and the ones you love and care for?

A Gentle Reminder

As I always mention – it’s essential to be super clear and specific on what you want. The exact amount you want to feel comfortable, or however you want to feel when having the money already.

How About Your Beliefs About Money?

When it comes to money, what are your core beliefs? Do you think that you are worthy? Or don’t you think that you have what it takes to attract and accumulate money?

What did your parents tell you when you grew up? Did you hear something like:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • We can’t afford that
  • It’s better to be healthy than rich
  • Rich people are greedy

The money story you grew up with can have an impact on your present life if you let it.

But you can change your story around money! You can let go of the beliefs of the past. You have the power to do so. By removing your limiting beliefs around money, it will be easier for you to manifest money fast as well.

Affirmations Can Be Helpful

To change your money story and your beliefs around money there are a set of affirmations that can be helpful. For example:

  • I AM Worthy
  • I AM Abundant
  • I AM Wealthy
  • I AM a money magnet

How to Attract Money The Right Way

If you want to attract money into your life, let me share the steps I’ve been using for years and years now.

It works like a charm as long as you let it.

I’m all about easy simple steps, and this is no exception. If steps and procedures are easy to follow, the better.

Are you resonating with that too? Good! Then we’re on the same page!

So, these are the steps I’m using over the years:

  1. First, I’m super clear about what I want. When it comes to money, we talk about the exact amount.
  2. Second, I get creative and use visualization.
  3. Third, I’m just letting it go and trust the universe. I feel grateful. Remember, gratitude is extremely important!
  4. Forth, an important step many tend to forget or skip – taking inspired action. What small step can you take today, that will help you bring forth that specific amount?

If you follow those steps in your own manifesting journey, don’t be surprised if you will experience “coincidences” all of a sudden.

That’s all-natural and a part of the manifesting process.

Use Gratitude To Attract Money Fast

Now I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit but let me explain. And it’s worth repeating.

Shortly: What you focus on expands.

By feeling grateful for what you have in your life, for the money you have in your life – no matter the amount (tiny or a lot) – will let the universe know that you appreciate it. And the universe will give you more of that.

Again, like attracts like.

Even if you don’t have the financial abilities that you desire, that’s fine! But feel grateful for what you do have. That shows the universe that you deserve more.

Summary – Attract Money Fast By Using Gratitude

So, let’s wrap up what we have covered here in this post:

  • Be super clear on what you want
  • What you focus on expands – always
  • Be grateful for what you do have, no matter how little
  • Last but not least – take inspired action!

Be aware and identify your beliefs around money. Remember, you can change those beliefs and remove your money blocks!

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