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Manifesting a luxurious holiday trip

Manifesting a luxurious holiday trip

Haven’t you sometimes fantasized about that exotic place, where you can feel relaxed and enjoy the warm sand between your toes? Where life feels incredibly amazing? In this post, I will cover how manifesting a luxurious holiday trip works. Wouldn’t you want that?

Let me be honest here. It isn’t any difference at all between manifesting a luxurious holiday trip or manifesting something else. It really isn’t.

Why is that, you might wonder? Well, let me explain.

The manifesting process looks exactly the same, no matter what you like to manifest. The steps are the same and so is the process.

Good news, isn’t it?

You don’t need to complicate things. I like to keep it simple, don’t you? I know you do!

Manifesting a luxurious holiday trip – isn’t it complicated?

So, where do I start manifesting a luxurious holiday trip?

Start out by being crystal clear on what you want. Write it down, as detailed as you can.

Where do you want to go? Or, even better: How does it look like where you want to travel?

Be bold and creative here. There is no right and wrong, you are in charge. You are the creator!

Write it all down, all in vivid details.

OK, I know what I want. Then what?

Good! Now you’ve taken a big step forward.

Being crystal clear on your desire is essential. It’s very important. If you are vague, you will get vague and even random results.

Then, after you’ve written down what you want it’s time to visualize.

Relax, get yourself comfortable. Make sure you won’t get disturbed while doing this.

Visualize – and feel!

Visualize yourself being in that special place now.

Feel how it feels to be there. Feel the warmth of the sand between your toes, if that’s what you desire. Listen to the sounds. What do you hear?

Be in that place now, play around. Who are you with? What are you up to?

Only you set the limits here. It’s your creative studio, you get to choose.

But if I don’t afford it now? How could I visualize and believe that it’s going to happen?

As with any manifestation, don’t bother on the but’s and if’s, nor then how’s and when’s.

By telling yourself that you can’t travel to that special place due to lack of money, then you are telling that to the universe that you aren’t ready.

And as you know, the universe will deliver back to you, exactly what you focus on.

What you focus on expands, and you don’t want to focus on lack of money right? If you do, you will just keep your dream travel away from you.

Don’t think of how or when

Focus on the end result and the feeling of being in that place now. Without involving the how’s and when’s.

Trust the universe.

It will deliver your desire to you when you are ready. In perfect divine timing.

Let go. And…

I know, I tell you this every time. If you’ve taken the free 7 Day Manifesting Challenge you know what I mean. If you haven’t checked it out already – go ahead and do so!

Take inspired action!

It doesn’t matter how much you visualize if you are staying on the couch without doing anything but daydreaming.

You have to take action. It is oh so important!

It doesn’t have to be a quantum leap, small steps are good enough and will work fine.

It can be as small as acting upon an article or ad in the newspaper or on a website.

Or meet friends, meet people. An opportunity might wait around the corner…

Manifesting a luxurious holiday trip – The easy simple steps to follow

  • Be crystal clear and specific on what you want – where you want to go. Write it down and be creative and detailed. That will help you visualize and feel.
  • Visualize. See yourself in that place, resort, tropical island…
  • Feel how it feels to be there, to enjoy your holiday.
  • Don’t bother on how or when it will manifest
  • Trust that the universe will deliver your desire to you, in perfect divine timing.
  • Let go and let the universe arrange things, people and/or events for you.
  • Take inspired action by acting upon your intuition, when you get those subtle nudges!

Summary – Manifesting a luxurious holiday trip

It is no difference between manifesting a luxurious holiday trip or anything else.

Be creative and follow the simple steps. Don’t stress on the how’s and when’s, this is very important.

Stay grateful and feel grateful in beforehand, for your desire. As if it is a part of your reality here and now.

Go for it, and feel free to share your success stories here in the comments!

To your success,


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