August 7


How to make your life extraordinary

By Anna

August 7, 2019

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Are you doubting yourself for being able to actually make your life extraordinary?

Skip the doubt right away! You too can make your life extraordinary. You are more powerful than you can imagine!

Of course, you can manifest your innermost desires. Let me explain how…

Do you think life’s hard?

Have you grown up with the sounds of “life’s hard”, “you have to work hard for money” or something similar?

Did your parents tell you that rich people were lucky or greedy?
If that resonates with you, let me tell you one thing. Many people worldwide feel the same.

  • Often you get led to believe that prosperity and abundance are for others.
  • Often you feel like you’re not worthy. That you don’t have what it takes.

But you do! You are so worthy of having it all!

May I tell you a secret?

If you are telling yourself that life’s hard, guess what the universe will do? The universe will give you more of what you focus on!

So please, my friend. Don’t tell yourself that life’s hard. If that’s you, please stop right away.

You’re not making your life extraordinary by saying that.

What keep you awake at night?

Are you lying in your bed at night with that anxious feeling in your stomach?

That feeling of being stuck in a life that’s not fulfilling you?

Do you feel like time is running out? That you’re getting older but life isn’t what you want it to be?

Do you feel guilty about having these thoughts?

Are you blaming yourself for wanting more of life, even if your life’s pretty decent as is?

You are not alone!

And know what? You are not selfish for wanting more of life. Not at all!

Why would you settle for something that’s “just OK” if you want more?

What would make your life extraordinary?

Be playful and creative and write down your desires. No matter how extreme and/or “impossible” they seem to be.

  • Be creative, bold and detailed
  • Dare to dream big, no desire is “too big”.

Write your desires like they already exist in your reality! Have fun with it!

And, keep it to yourself.

If you show your friends your desire, you’re taking a big risk. What if they laugh and think you’re just a silly dreamer?

Don’t let your friends limiting beliefs keep you from making your life extraordinary!

One thing…

Is an extraordinary life for you the same as hitting the lottery jackpot? If so, read my post about manifesting a lottery win.

What’s holding you back?

I know that something is holding you back from making your life extraordinary.

You feel stuck and you’re looking for solutions. Am I right?

You are here for a reason, no doubt my mind.

So. Have you asked yourself the question, what’s holding you back? If you listen inwards to your inner guidance, do you find the answer?

It’s easy to blame others for your shortcomings in life. For different kinds of circumstances. But if you continue to blame other people or events, you will never free yourself and create a life you desire.

Responsibility is necessary, and identifying what’s keeping you stuck is a big deal!

You are in charge of your life and you are responsible for the results you get.

Does it sound hard? That’s not my point, but it’s the truth.

When you start to take responsibility for your choices, your thoughts and limiting beliefs you grow. And evolve.

If you don’t identify what holds you back, you can’t deal with it, right?

Forgive and declutter

When you identified what’s been keeping you stuck in a life you don’t love, you have to forgive.

Forgive yourself. And others.

Declutter your environment. Your home. Your car. Your emotional life. Your friends.

You need to make room for your desire, your extraordinary life. If you feel like a complete mess you’re signaling that you’re not ready to receive.

And if you’re not ready, how could the universe deliver your desire to you?

Make your life extraordinary by manifesting

Can you really manifest an extraordinary life?

The answer is YES! Of course, you can!

I mean, we are manifesting all the time. No matter if we like it or not.

The universe will deliver what we focus on, since what we focus on expands.

So I will encourage you to be bold and brave here. Of course, you should manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams!

If that’s what you desire, why should you settle for less? If you feel stuck in life and have the urge for more?

Think of all the athletes out there. They are setting goals and visualizing their wins. That’s manifestation too! But they don’t use that terminology, and that’s fine. But the thing is, that it’s just the same.

What small step can you take today?

Make it a daily habit by asking yourself what small step you can take today to make your life extraordinary. Towards your dream.

Baby-steps in the direction of your dreams will eventually take you there, as long as you are willing to do to the work.

As long as you are taking action and moving forward, your success is inevitable!

Trust and know that you are the only one responsible for your life. For your success and happiness.

Don’t allow negative people to affect your decisions.

If you let them hold you back from achieving your dreams – you won’t feel good about either life or yourself.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible to achieve. Because they’re not!

7-day Manifesting Challenge

Would you like to boost your manifesting journey now, today? And start taking those steps towards making your life extraordinary?

If that’s you, I would love to invite you to my 7 Day Manifesting Challenge!

In the challenge, I’ll send you daily tasks, support, and motivation.

It will help you get going!

The best time to start was yesterday, but the next best day to start is today.
Click here to sign up, it’s FREE!

You’ve got this.
Talk soon,


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