Boost your frequency and attract your desire

Boost your frequency to attract your desire

Are you living a life you desire? Or are you living someone else’s life? Only you can answer that question, but I’ll tell you one thing. Do you know how easy you can boost your frequency and attract your desire?

You and only you are the creator of your own life, no matter your life situation.

And in this post, I’ll explain how you can boost your frequency to attract your desire, to attract a life you truly desire! Let’s start!

What life are you living?

So, hand on your heart – are you living a life full of joy and happiness, a life on your own terms?

Or, are you living a life expected of others?

An “ok” life because you don’t think you can achieve more? Or a life that isn’t that great, but you don’t think you have what it takes to create something better?

Take some time and think of this. I mean, think of this. For real. Because it is your time. Your life. Your creation.

​You create your reality

If you knew deep down inside of you that you

  • create your reality every minute, every second?
  • That your thoughts create your future?
  • That what you’re thinking now, today, will shape your future tomorrow? 

What you focus on expands, and yes – it is that simple!

Boost your frequency to attract your desire

Think of it like a radio frequency. A radio station. Let’s say you are in the mood of romantic love ballads. You tune into that radio channel that plays love ballads. 

And when you have tuned in, you will hear – that’s right – love ballads.

If you prefer rock music, you choose a frequency that plays rock music.

We can relate this to manifesting. Think of yourself as radio, with an antenna. You boost the frequency and attract your desire just by setting the right frequency that matches your desire. 

Manifesting wealth and money

If you want to manifest wealth and more money, you set your antenna/your radio on that frequency. And how are you going to do that?

Well, think of it like this:

If you visualize for a minute and see yourself wealthy.

  • How does that future you look like?
  • And, in that future – how does that future you behave?
  • How do you live?
  • That future you, who are wealthy, are you concerned about money?
  •  Or thinking thoughts of lack?

No! You don’t feel stressed about money since money isn’t a problem. Right? You know that there’s more than enough, that money flows into your life. 

​​Minding your money

You mind your money in a way that wealthy people do. You don’t buy crap, do you? If you are hanging on the fence of buying something crappy, stop yourself for a minute.

Ask yourself what that wealthy version of you would’ve done? Would that wealthy you spend money on crappy things?

Set the right frequency for love


Love is a hot topic when it comes to manifesting. You want to manifest love. The love of your life. A partner. A soulmate.

How should you set your radio antenna?

You shouldn’t set in on a channel that talks about lack of love and loneliness, would you? No, of course, you wouldn’t!

Of course, you would set the frequency of love and harmony! You should boost your frequency and attract your desire, the love you desire, into your life.

You are a vibrating being

We are energy and vibrating beings. Our vibration has everything to do with what we focus on, where our mind goes. 

If we are positive, loving, joyful, filled with self-love, we vibrate at a higher frequency.

If we instead are negative and self-pity, talk about lack and are jealous of others? You can guess it, right? 

If you are in that negative mood, you vibrate at a very low frequency.

And since what we focus on expands – make sure you focus on the right things. The things that make you feel good and vibe high.

Boost your frequency and create a life you truly desire!

boost your frequency to attract your desire

We all have ups and downs

I get it. We all have our ups and downs. Of course, that’s a part of life. And that’s all OK! 

But when you’re in that downward spiral, try to break that spiral as soon as you can and increase your vibrations. 

You can do magic with your thoughts. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to boost your frequency to attract your desire. A frequency that matches your desired outcome.

Then and only then it will manifest.

You’ve got this!

Love and blessings,



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