designing your blueprint for abundance is simple. Let me help you design yours.

Aren't you feeling Abundant right now? Well, let's change that right now, shall we?

Learn how to create the blueprint for the life you've ever dreamed of… even if you feel skeptical or already tried different courses!

Have you been living the same life for years, and that you can't seem to create the lifestyle you want - no matter how hard you try?

I hear you. You had so many dreams that just can't seem to come true, even if you've done your best to work harder, earned more... To see others seem to have it all figured out, living lavish lives doesn't make it better, does it?  

It's not your fault and you're not alone feeling like this. Of course you want fulfillment in life, who doesn't? It's hard not to feel stressed when you feel like time flies and you aren't getting any younger...

It would feel so good to create a legacy for your family, your loved ones. To be able to give them all the things, without worrying about the bills that pile up... And time is something we don't get more of, so it's understandable if you feel stressed about your situation. I understand your frustration. 


You wished that you would've start investing in stocks way back and feel it's too late to start now... This makes you feel even more stressed and tired, of course. You are tired of not having the freedom to give your family that little extra...

your abundance blueprint

Now, even how challenging it may feel right now, there's a way. What if I told you that it's not too late to re-design your blueprint for abundance and start attracting the lifestyle you always dreamed of?

Well, fortunately - you can…

Let me introduce...

Your Abundance Blueprint

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This masterclass is to the point, no-fluff or no overwhelm. Did I mention that you can get started straight away! You'll get access to Your Abundance Blueprint right away, and you'll get a powerful workbook to accompany & enhance your learning.

Powerful & practical

You'll get a whole of a lot jam-packed into one bite-sized masterclass, just so that you can get going and not wasting more time.

This isn't a training where you're sitting and just listening, this is a more workshop-style, you hear - see and do.

self-paced training

Go through this training at your own pace, in the comfort of your home - when it suits you. 

Since the masterclass is 30-ish minutes, you don't need to spend endless amount of time - but you'll still get powerful training that will get you going!

No more guesswork

After going through this masterclass and when you've done the exercises, you'll most likely have a clear path ahead, towards your desired lifestyle.

No more guesswork or going round in circles without getting anywhere.

about Anna

Since Anna started Manifestwithpassion.com in 2018, she has passionately helped thousands of students around the world about manifesting and how to use The Law of Attraction. She is very interested in this topic and continuously learning more and deepen her skills and techniques, to serve her students more deeply. Results from her students tell that you have the power to design & create your life, no matter your background and current circumstances. 

She wants the best for her students. Will you be her next success story?

Happy students


Scrum Master

Anna is the best!

I love that Anna is straight-forward simple in her way of teaching. She should definitely charge more for this training.


Business Strategist

I love my new, abundant version of myself!

Little did I know, that I was self-sabotaging for myself when it comes to money and profit. With these tools and this knowledge, I know my worth and starting seeing results from it, too!


Developer & Business Strategist

I look at money differently now!

This course was exactly what I needed to realize what had been holding me back all along. After I learned what Anna teaches about money mindset, my income has increased and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you

Are you my next success story?

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So, what's the investment?

Well, typically I charge around $2000 and up for 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching and $500 for a power session.

Now, this training isn't somewhere near that! You'll get powerful training for just a fraction of that. Your investment is only $27. Yes, you read me right. I promise, it will never be lower than this.

What do you say, isn't it time for you to start...

crafting your abundance blueprint?

I'm so grateful to have you.

You've made it this far, and I'm so grateful for investing your time in me - but not only that.

You're investing in YOURSELF, and THAT'S POWERFUL! That's the first step towards a lifestyle you desire, a legacy for you & your loved ones. Remember that you can be, do or have anything your heart desires and it's never to late to get started. See you inside!


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