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How can you use subliminal messages?

By Anna

January 15, 2020

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Have you heard about subliminal messages and wonder what that is? How can you use them as a powerful tool in your manifesting toolbox? Do you need subliminal messages and why do you need them? Sit tight, in this post, I will clarify your questions.


First, what are subliminal messages?

Simply explained, subliminal messages mean sounds and/or frequencies that are played at a level where you are unable to hear – but your subconscious mind can perceive the sounds/frequencies.

Subliminal (audio) messages can be hidden positive affirmations and they are often embedded in music, at a level you aren’t able to hear.

Because your conscious mind is not aware of these subliminal messages that are covered in music, it can’t create any kind of barriers against it.

When listening to subliminal messages, your conscious mind will notice the music, but behind the scenes your subconscious mind reacts!

If you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from manifesting your desire, empowering subliminal messages can be very helpful. If you listen repeatedly (for example while sleeping), you eventually replace limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones.

When your limiting beliefs get replaced one by one, you will find manifesting much easier, because it often is our limiting beliefs that hold us back from manifesting our desires.

The image below shows the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and how subliminal messages are addressed.

How can this help you?

As I mentioned above, you can have one (or most likely, several) limiting beliefs that hold you back in your daily life. They set the tone and the limits for what’s possible to manifest, so to say.

Subliminal messages can be helpful if you have a hard time trying to identify and replace your limiting beliefs by yourself.


Are subliminal messages needed?

Although subliminal information/messages/affirmations can help you replace your limiting beliefs, they aren’t necessary in order to manifest. So the honest answer is no.

I mean, you are manifesting all the time. Every awaken hour. Whether you like it or not. Whether you are listening to subliminals or not.

Limiting beliefs and manifesting

When your manifestations aren’t successful, your limiting beliefs are most likely the reason. Limiting beliefs are often created in your early years, from your parents.

Those beliefs create invisible limits for what’s possible. Even if you’re telling yourself affirmations like…

  • I’m abundant
  • I’m wealthy
  • I’m worthy of having all my desires manifested
  • and more…

…your subconscious mind can contain some limiting beliefs that says:

  • making money is hard
  • rich people are greedy
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • you can’t afford that

Do you see where I’m getting?

Your desires can manifest when your thoughts and feelings are aligned and vibrating at the same frequency as your desire.

The manifesting process in short

If you’re familiar with my blog and have read my previous blog posts, this will be repetitive. But repetition is a part of the learning process, so I will explain the manifesting process in short:

  1. First and foremost you have to be crystal clear on what your want. Be as specific as you can.
  2. Visualize and feel how it feels when having your desire now, beforehand. Feel how it feels when your desire already manifested.
  3. Let go of how and when your desire will show up in your reality. Let the universe surprise you!
  4. Take inspired action in the direction of your desire. A small baby step is enough. Ask yourself what small step you can take today, that will help you bring forth your desire.

Create your own Subliminal messages!

If you want to try subliminal messages, I can recommend giving Mindzoom a try! It’s a software which is compatible with both PC and Mac, and this software allows you to create and record your own subliminal affirmations!

If you are like most people, you might be having a hard time to make it work with affirmations. If you’re beliefs are the opposite of what you are affirming, you can be blocking yourself and thereby become discouraged.

The thing with subliminal messages is that your subconscious will accept them commands without questioning them.

Therefore, you can feed your subconscious mind with positive affirmations without being blocked.

Go check out MindZoom!

Your success on self improvement

The Silent Subliminal Messaging System translates text affirmations
into to speech that are then delivered through a high frequency
envelope, which reach the brain but are not heard by the human ear.

The software comes complete with a manual and is packed with special options such as ways to add, change or delete your affirmations, select the display position, change your font preferences as well as change your message frequency and display time.

This incredible software can and will enhance your life by allowing
you to:

The top three reasons this product is a great buy are:

  1. This software original and innovative.
  2. It’s premise is based on techniques that work.
  3. It is very easy to use and is not time-consuming!

If you purchase the product, you will get FREE updates and unlimited e-mail support. Good isn’t it?

If you truly wish to replace limiting beliefs and give try subliminal messages, head over to the MindZoom website and purchase
your software today:

In less than 2 minutes, you can have a full installation on your PC and be on your way enhancing your life through positive affirmations.


Let’s sum up what we’ve covered here in this blog post:

  • Subliminal messages speak directly to your subconscious mind.
  • If you are having limiting beliefs that hold you back from manifesting your desires, subliminal messages can help you replace them with new, empowering ones.
  • Although the subliminals are useful, they aren’t necessary in order to manifest your desires.
  • MindZoom is a PC software that can be used if you want to give subliminal messages a try, and the software also allows you to create own personal affirmations.
  • If you want to check out free subliminals, YouTube have lots of them.

Do you have any personal experience of using subliminal messages? I’d love to know!

Talk soon!

With love and gratitude,


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