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How to stay positive around negative people

By Anna

January 1, 2020

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You are all about the law of attraction and manifesting. You want to vibrate as high as you possibly can, but how can you stay positive when people around you are negative and bitter? In this post, I will cover how you can beat negativity and remain positive. Let’s go!

Negative people and their energy

As you know, negative people tend to spread their low energy and that energy can fill a room. You know when you enter a room and it is so obvious that a certain person is vibrating super low! You can almost touch the negative vibes!

It’s a challenge to remain positive in a room filled with negative people. As a matter of fact, one negative person is enough to affect you energy-wise.

In a strongly negative way too!

Some people seem to be looking for things to dwell and complain about, and those people can really drain you if you aren’t careful.

Very negative people will absorb your positive energy if you let them, which will lead to a lack of energy, headache and more.

Can you stay positive when others are negative

Sometimes you get to choose who you’re meeting and spending time with, that’s preferable, of course. But this isn’t always the case.

From time to time, we will meet and spend time with people that are more or less negative and energy draining.

The question is, can you remain positive (and sane!) and keep your energy levels high when people around you are negative and complaining?

The art of allowing

The key to staying positive when people around you are complaining and are negative in general is to practice gratitude. And to allow those negative persons to be exactly as they are.

You can’t change anyone. People have free will, and so have you.

By allowing others to be as they are and allow yourself to feel grateful either way, is challenging – but absolutely doable!

How to stay positive by practicing gratitude

So, how do you remain positive around negative people and their negative vibes by practicing gratitude?

Next time you’re surrounded by negativity, try the following:

  • Tell yourself that you allow that person to be exactly as he or she is
  • He or she might have a bad day or a challenging period in her/his life that you aren’t aware of
  • Know that you can’t change anyone but what you can do is spreading your positive energy in the room. Maybe that’s exactly what this negative person needs!
  • Feel grateful for what you have in your life, your relationships, your home and more.

Your energy spreads

As I mentioned previously, your energy is spreading. If you are a positive and high vibe, others will be able to feel your energy. People love to be around high vibrating people.

Since you can’t change anyone, you can always spread some love and high vibing energy to the ones around you, who are in need.

And remember, you don’t have to be affected by other people’s low energy. You get to choose, and you shouldn’t let their low vibes lower yours.

By practicing gratitude along with the art of allowing, you simply let them be exactly as they are, while you’re remaining high vibe.

Gratitude is a game-changer. Try it and see how this works for you!

Summary – how to remain positive around negative people

Sometimes we don’t get to choose our company, how do we stay positive around negative people in those situations?

  1. Practicing the art of allowing will help you a long way. Let them be exactly how they are. You can’t change anyone, neither should you.
  2. Feel grateful for being able to spread your energy towards that person, who probably need high vibrating energy in his/her life. Your energy is spreading towards those who need it.
  3. Decide to not get affected by other people’s negative vibes. You get to choose, so choose not to absorb their negativity.

What’s your experience of staying positive around negative people?

Lots of love and gratitude,


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