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Imagine using our amazing community to:

  • Grow your audience
  • Build your email list fast
  • Grow your FB group
  • Fill your challenges, programs
  •  Become an authority in your field
  • Sell your courses, services & programs
  • Get in front of the right people & make your ideal clients come to you

This is exactly what you're going to achieve as a member of our


It's easier than you can imagine! You don't need to have a B2B business to profit from promoting in FB groups!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

DAILY PROMO POSTS (That's a whopping 30 promo posts per month!)

UNLIMITED engagement, inspirational posts, quotes & value posts

1 LIVE session per week in the group (scheduling and announcing your event is allowed)

Access to a MEMBERS ONLY group (get support, engagement and best tips)

Get featured in our group & FB Page with 7K + Followers (You & your business will be presented as a premium member)

Pre Approved Posting (publish your posts when it suits you & your ideal clients)

Your Posts will be boosted for maximum engagement & exposure

Contribute on the well-endowed blog, with backlinks back to your website. 

BONUS #1: A quick mini training on how to get the best results when you post

BONUS #2: Money making script to help you sell confidently on video (I usually offer this to my 1:1 coaching clients only)

Your investment $37/month

Now just $27/month

What will this premium membership do for you?

  • It will help you build your audience
  • It will help you to grow your email list & FB group
  • It will help you to attract leads organically to your business every day
  • It will help you to get clients without hustling
  • It will help you fill your Challenges/Webinars/Trainings
  • It will help you grow your business & income
Premium Membership

Good to know about our group:

  • It's consists of people who are interested in Law of Attraction, Meditation, Chakra healing & balancing, Mindfulness, Energy healing, Crystals, Tarot readings and more. 

  • We have 3,5k members in the group and counting

  • We have 7K+ followers on our FB Page, and 2,5K subscribers on our email list

  • We are growing! Approximately 50+ new members a day

  • The majority of our members are female but also male (see details below), from all over the Globe.

  • The top countries where members reside are: United States, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada & Australia.

  • It's highly engaged group with active members.


This is what you're going to get:


Post one promo post per day

This means 30 posts per month which is a lot of opportunities to share your offers!


Unlimited engagement posts, value posts, quotes, inspirational & motivational posts, affirmations...

You can ask, write, give value and participate as much you want! This will increase your reach when you're posting your promo posts!


One weekly FB Live in the group

You can go live in the group once a week! You can also schedule the event + invite people to your live session. 



Get your posts a boost!

We want more people to see your posts, so therefore premium members will get their posts boosted/bumped! 


Get featured in the group + page + article on the blog

 We will present you and your business in the group, on the FB Page and you'll also have the option to write a blog post where you'll have a mini bio & backlink to your website. 


Pre approved posts!

Get your posts published when you want to! You'll get pre-approved, meaning you don't need to wait for admin approval. 


And of course... the bonuses! 

  • Mini training on how to get the best results when you post

  • Money making script to help you sell on your FB lives!

Your investment $37/month

Now just $27/month


About Your Host:

Hey, Anna Hanses here!

I started Manifestwithpassion.com in 2018 and since then I've helped thousands of people from all around the world how they can manifest their dreams & desires through the power of The Law of Attraction.

I created this group a couple of years ago. The members in the group have been consistent & loyal. The reason I'm offering this membership is because I want to give them a broader spectrum to help them on their spiritual path. Therefore, I'm looking for experts & coaches in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, energy healing & balancing, chakra healing & balancing, reiki, tarot readings, mystics and psychics. 

I am so proud to share this amazing community with you & help you grow your business by serving this audience & sharing value!

Can’t wait for to see what our membership can do for you & your spiritual business!

Premium Membership

This is for you if...

  • You are a healer, mystic, shaman, have expertise in chakra healing & balancing, reiki, energy work, meditation, tarot readings...
  • You want daily fresh leads & clients
  • You want to build your audience, community or your email list
  • You want to build & grow your spiritual dream business & fill your programs with your soul clients
  • You are serious about your business and have strong integrity & deliver on your promises
  • You want to be recognized as an authority in your field

This is not for you if...

  • You're in the crypto currency industry or equivalent
  • You offer "spells" or other scam a like shady business models
  • You're offering "get rich quick schemes" - something that is prohibited in the group & nothing we stand for!
  • Your business discriminates people
  • Your business aren't in any of the areas described above
  • Your business are against FB rules 

Your investment $37/month

Now just $27/month

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