October 2


Use your personal power to create a life you desire

By Anna

October 2, 2019

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Are you embracing your personal power? Or, do you live your life on autopilot without any efforts so far of changing your reality?

Did you know that you actually can use your personal power as rocket fuel to create a life of your wildest dreams?

Yes, you can, you have that inner power to do so! Keep on reading and I will tell you how you can make it happen!

Are you happy with your life as is?

How would you rate your life if you were completely honest with yourself?

Would you describe it as top-notch and as good as it can be?

Or, do you have an urge for something better for yourself and your family – but don’t know how do create your dream life?

Put your hand on your heart. Feel it.

Are you happy and satisfied with your life and your reality that you’re living in, that’s awesome! If so, congratulations! Celebrate and enjoy yourself!

If you are like many others around the world – you feel like something’s missing. You might feel grateful for people in your life, of course.

But your life didn’t pan out as you wanted it to. Or, you didn’t think you could do better than this.

And therefore, you think you should settle and be OK with what is.

I want you to think again here. Do you want to settle for less or with what is if that’s not what you truly desire?

Listen to your heart here, my friend. It is your life. The stage is yours. You are the creator of your life and you get to decide how your life should look like. And your personal power can take you there if you let it.

What you want to experience. How you want to live. Places you want to visit. And more.

What do you want and why?

If you’ve read my previous post and emails you know that I keep on repeating this over and over.

Why am I doing that?

Well, it always boils down to this. As with any manifestation or desire, it starts with you.

You need to be specific about what you want. And why.

When you are certain and familiar with your what and why the how will come easier.

We will come back to that later. Now, let’s focus on what and why.

Clarity is key

To be clear and specific on your what and why I would suggest you work on your core values in life.

  • What’s important to you?

When you have identified your values, then you can set your goals.
Be clear and specific, you know what I use to say: Vague desires/goals will create vague results.

Identify your personal power

Your inner personal power can be the most premium rocket fuels there is. You can use it to create a life of your wildest dreams.

Here is where your WHY comes into play.

See, when you’re certain of what you want (your desires) and why you want it (your values), you can use your why as rocket fuel.

It may sound too easy and good to be true, but it is so powerful. Way more powerful than you think.

When you are in doubt and want to know which way to choose, you can always rely on your values. And choose steps that are aligned with those values of yours.

Let your personal power steer you in the right direction.

Your life by design

So, when you’re sketching your dream life and writing down your what’s and why’s – you’re starting your creation.

You’re building the foundation of your dream life, the way you want it.

You get to choose

Since it’s your life, you get to choose how you want your life to look like.

Here you play an important part because you are responsible for your results. You can’t blame anyone else for your results or lack of results.

personal power

Let your personal power lead the way

Your thoughts + feelings + actions = results. Let me repeat this formula since it’s a biggie. Your thoughts will create feelings. Those feelings turn to action steps and they will create your results.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, think about it. Let it sink in for a while.

If you are familiar with the law of attraction you know that your thoughts are powerful.

And that your thoughts become things. What you focus on expands. And it expands like this formula above.

Let’s say that you are thinking positive and empowering thoughts. Your positive thoughts will generate positive feelings and emotions. And those feelings and emotions will lead to action steps…

Depending on what action steps you take, you will get results accordingly.

Let your inner power lead the way here. You can.

Believe in yourself and your personal power

Limiting beliefs can be an enemy when it comes to life design and the ability for you to create a life you desire.

If you are holding yourself back by thinking thoughts like you’re not good enough… What kind of feelings will you create? What emotions will come from those thoughts?

They won’t be positive, I’ll tell you that!

Take ownership and create using your inner power

So, do yourself a big favor, my friend.

Trust and know that you have what it takes to design your life exactly as you want it. No matter how you look or where you’re from.

You can’t change your history, the past is the past.

But you can take ownership now and design your life on your terms. And you should.

By believing it so, you create it so. You are able, you are powerful. And your life is meant to be a life beyond your wildest dreams. Abundant and enjoyable.

Why should you settle for less than that?

The best time to start was yesterday

You may be asking yourself and even blaming yourself for not have started earlier.

  • For letting years and years go by without taking action towards your desire.
  • Settling and believing that life is going to be like this, that it won’t get any better.
  • That you don’t deserve more.

Please. Listen.

The best time to start taking ownership and start creating your best life was yesterday. But the next best day to start is today.

What steps can you take today?

If you’ve read this far, WAY TO GO! I’m so proud of you!

If you did, you show that you really want a change and that you are ready to take action.

Ask yourself now, what step can you take today – towards your desire and aligned with your core values?

Then, start moving!

Trust your personal power and start creating the masterpiece, your life.

Exactly as you want it. You are worthy and you deserve it!

I believe in you! You’ve got this!

Love, Anna

PS: How are you embracing your inner personal power in your life?

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