Your abundant & limitless life starts here.

Say goodbye to self doubt and worry about your future. Say goodbye to stagnation.

Connect with your ancient divine power within so that you can start attracting miracles and

abundance in all areas of your life with ease and grace.

I have one mission - to help you discover your ancient divine power within so that you can manifest more freedom, inner peace & abundance in all areas of your life.

Learn how you can find and embody your infinite divine power using my powerful framework - FAITH method™

do you feel like you're ready to manifest more freedom, joy & abundance in your life, but you don't know how?

Figuring it out how to actually do it can be so stressful and confusing... I know, because I've been there too!

I totally get it… because everywhere you turn, someone is swearing they have the ONE process or ritual that you absolutely NEED to succeed.

Should you journal several times per day… or meditate for hours… or chanting your affirmations… 55x5 method or something else entirely?

And, how should you know it's working?

Let’s not even talk about doing the right thing in the right order...

It can all make you want to scream!

Does any of this apply to you? 

  • You have a strong urge for more in your life than you're currently experiencing, but you don't know how to make it happen...
  • You've tried different rituals to see if they could help you, just to end up overwhelmed and even more confused...
  • Thinking about your future makes you worried and stressed... 
  • You know deeply that this isn't what you're supposed to be doing, but you feel stuck in your current situation, with seemingly no way out
  • You feel like you've reached a plateau in your life and the stagnation makes you feel discouraged and miserable

If you resonate, know that you're not alone...

I see this ALL the time!



So many people are living their life on autopilot, just going where life take them. Just letting life happening to them, doing what others expect from them.

Without knowing how to make a change and create a life they truly desire.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You have the ability to design and create your life as you want it.

So that you can have more freedom, more abundance and more joy in all areas of your life.

Everything is already available to you. 

You just have to discover and unlock your hidden gifts within.


What would it mean to you, if you could consciously attract what you wanted into your life? Get the clients you want, the job you want, a new home, abundance in all areas of your life...


Take a moment and imagine yourself...

being crystal clear on how to creATE WHAT YOU WANT

Having clarity on how to unlock and use your divine power within so that you can form and manifest the future exactly the way you want it. 

having more energy & confidence

Feeling energized, confident, knowing that you can achieve & attract anything your heart desires. Anything you set your mind to. That you and only you set the limits for what's possible. 

being free from the chains of your past

No more dwelling or blame that hold you back. You're free to design & create your future, on your own terms. Instead, you're embracing the past and let it fuel you as you step into your future with hope & love.

allowing abundance to flow into your life

After you've releasing the blocks and thought patterns that kept you stuck, you can start use your energy to activate & allow abundance in any area of your life with ease and grace.

embodying self-love & compassion

Feeling good about yourself 100% and radiate love and light to all people who are blessed to meet you in all kind of situations in life.

enjoying the feeling of inner peace and joy

No more worry or stress when thinking about your future. Instead, feel inspired and hopeful when you know how you can use your energy, thoughts and emotions to create the future you want.






You CAN have it all. You can drop the overwhelm, get out of that lack-mentality that's been holding you back from manifesting your desires. How would it be to finally knowing how to use your divine inner power so you can create an abundant reality that is your birthright?


When I first started to discover The Universal Laws and especially The Law of Attraction, I felt overwhelmed by all the information that were available. After reading "The Secret", many other books followed.  Something I quickly noticed was that they all included rituals and methods of some sort, and the more books I was reading - the more confused I became... 

For example, I assumed that I had to meditate for hours to get connected with my higher self and the Universe, or writing down my desires 1000x times per day to prime my subconscious mind...

I couldn't have been more wrong!

The answers were within me all along. I had already figure it all out, I just needed to remember and connect with my divine power within. That made the whole difference. 


If you keep on telling yourself that manifesting is hard and that it requires tons of rituals and procedures to work properly, you'll be right. You'll get what you focus on.

But hear me when I'm saying that it is simple. I don't know about you, but I prefer and love simplicity. I want something that I can use in my daily life. My guess is that since you're here, you feel the same. 

As a mom of two and in the midst of a high paying corporate career as a manager of an IT department, I felt a strong urge for something more in my life. I started to search for answers and read books.

One day I came across "The Secret", which was my first step into the world of the Universal Laws and especially The Law of Attraction. I was fascinated and stunned. There and then, everything in my life up to this point made perfect sense.. I realized that I had been manifesting my whole life, unconsciously. Without knowing what I was doing. 

At that point I also realized how many that are living their lives without being aware of their divine power within. So many people live their lives like a hamster running in its wheel - without getting where they want... 

I've founded Manifestwithpassion.com in 2018 and started to write blog posts and inspire others. Now in 2020, my blog still inspire peole around the world and I also inspire people on Facebook. 

I created this program since I really want to help you apply all of this on a deeper level so you can learn how to manifest what you want and start getting results. I'll also teach more powerful strategies in the program.

See you inside the program!

With love, light & gratitude,


You can create the life of your dreams without hustling or wasting more

of your valuable time.

And that's exactly what we're going to do inside Momentum.



Momentum is not just another manifestation course. It is a powerful group coaching program designed for you who are ready to discover and embody your divine power within and start attracting more abundance, freedom and joy in all areas of your life. 

Unlike other programs, you can see this as an premium all inclusive resort, where you get everything you need at your fingertips. I wont hold anything back in my teachings!

We'll go through everything you need in a simple way, so that you can embody your divine power within and also so that you can understand how the Universal laws works. And of course, apply this in your daily life.

Instead of wasting more time searching for information and knowledge online and spending time worrying about the future - you design and create your life as you want it to be. 

Using my signature framework, FAITH Method™, we're going to get clear on what areas in your life YOU need to be focusing on, so that you can manifest what you want with ease and grace.

As a founding member, you'll get access for life, including future updates of the program!

Anna really helped me discover the blocks that were holding me stuck. She's an amazing coach who really wants you to succeed. She's down to earth and authentic, she shows that anything is possible if you really want something.



HERE's WHAt you can expect:

  • An small, intimate group of fellow manifestors who are on the same journey as you
  • Live group coaching sessions through Zoom weekly (including recordings if you can't make it live)  
  • Transformational workshops & meditations
  • Support & guidance to help you get the most out of this experience
  • And much much more!

Note that this is a BETA program that will be running for the very first time, meaning we're creating it together LIVE. It will be messy for sure, but oh so powerful & fun!


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Join MOMENTUM as a founding member and save!!


BETA Founding Member investment - Only $97

(SAVE $200!)

Program breakdown 

Overview of my signature FAITH Method™ which I'll be taking you through in Momentum:



The first phase consists of deep inner work, forgiveness, inner clearing & healing of your past experiences. It's time to let go of the chains that are holding you stuck. It's time to making peace with your past. We'll be identifying and replacing limiting beliefs and creating a divine, high vibrating foundation and laying the groundwork for magnetism and abundance.



Awareness & Activation

Now we start to discover how it all works. You start unlocking and activating your divine inner power and learn how to connect with your higher self. You'll learn how to work with energy and how to use magnetism. You'll also learn how to shift your vibration instantly when your vibration is at the lower end. This will help you release anxiety & worry.



Now when you've done your inner healing and getting to know your infinite divine power within, it's time to get creative and tap into your desires. We'll put your intention and big vision out into The Universe and setting your divine creation in motion. 




In this phase, you'll strengthen your trust and connection with The Universe and you'll be doing energy work to manage your vibration to fully let go and trust. This will be the most challenging phase, but we'll work together to keep you high vibrating and well-being through the whole process.



In this last phase, it's all about unconditional love, gratitude and allowing. We'll be practicing gratitude and energy work that will help you tune into and enhance the divine frequency of receiving.



Join MOMENTUM as a founding member and save!!


BETA Founding Member investment - Only $97

(SAVE $200!)


Questions & Answers

Are there any bonuses?

Since this is a brand new BETA/PILOT program running for the very first time, no bonuses are created just yet. I'll be creating this program together with YOU, live! What I can tell though, is that I personally love bonuses, and I love to spoil my students. So be prepared to be spoiled & surprised! :-)

Do you guarantee any results?

I will give you the tools, the steps, the knowledge. I give my all so that you can manifest what you want with what you'll learn in this program. However, I can't guarantee that you actually do the work, therefore I can't guarantee any results. But after this program, you'll get the steps and know what to do -  a clear path to follow!

I've tried other courses, why would this be different?

This program is more than an online course. I've taken many online courses myself and learned what I've been missing in those programs. What this is, is a group coaching experience - where you get a higher level of support. What's unique is also that we'll be creating this LIVE, as we go! Since this is a BETA/PILOT, I want great case studies, therefore I'll give my all so that you'll get results and enjoy the experience! 

What if I don't like the program? Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this program, there are typically no refunds available. However, I don't want you to be unhappy! If you within 7 days haven't got any value from what you've learned, just send me an email to anna@manifestwithpassion.com and include your COMPLETE homework, and I'll give you a full refund. The proof is needed so I can see that you've been committed to make it work for you. Note that I have the right to refuse refunds if you haven't completed your homework for module one, or if you're requesting a refund after 7 days.

I have a busy schedule. Is it required to put in a lot of work?

No worries! If you can't show up live on our coaching calls or workshops, you'll have a replay available in your members area. The amount of time required can vary, from person to person. It's important to note though, that it requires some time if you want to get the most out of this program and if you desire a CHANGE in your life. If you aren't committed, then it might be a good idea to join this program some other time. 

This is a BETA program, for how long do I have access?

How does LIFETIME access sound? Including future updates? :-) And as a founding member, you are joining at the lowest price point ever. 


Listen. If you KNOW deep inside that you are meant for more in your life than you're currently experiencing, that you are worthy of more freedom, inner peace and abundance in all areas of your life - this is the opportunity that will help you make this happen.

Seats are limited in this program so apply now so you don't miss your chance. Sign up now to secure your spot to his transforming & life changing program.

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