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A manifesting technique you can start using today

By Anna

September 10, 2019

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Do you feel a strong urge of something more in your life but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the manifesting techniques available out there?

Does the overwhelm make you doubt your manifesting ability and feel distrust? Then this post is for you! Hang tight, I’ve got you covered!

The Manifesting Technique Is Simple

So, for those of you who haven’t read my previous blog posts, a warm welcome to you!

You’ve taken a big step forward, to a life by design – by you! How amazing isn’t that?

Well, you are here because you want to learn how to manifest. You want a clear path, a bulletproof manifesting technique that works like a charm. Simple and easy.

Am I right?

I’m all about simplicity and this isn’t an exception. Manifesting IS easy, I mean – you are manifesting all the time. Every single hour. Whether you want it or not.

The universe is always responding, no matter what. That’s good to have in mind. Your thoughts are powerful, and what you focus on expands.

Don’t make it complicated

I know, there are dozens of fancy rituals available out there and I’m not saying they’re wrong or so. But I do think that it often gets too complicated. More complicated than it needs to be.

The easier the better. That’s a good rule of thumb, don’t you agree?

You are on your way of being a conscious creator and manifestor, right?

Shouldn’t it be simple when creating your reality exactly as you want it? I for sure think so!

When you read this manifesting technique I’m about to share with you, you will think I’m leaving things out.

Because it seems to simple to be true.

But trust me, it’s not too simple to be true. Simpler is better. OK?

So, are you ready to start manifesting consciously? All right! Let’s do this!

Be clear on what you want

The very first step in the manifesting process is clarity. It’s oh so important and unfortunately many tend to skip this and not think it through.

You see, vague desires will create vague and random results.

Not exactly what you want, right?

So clarity is key, to begin with. To gain clarity, ask yourself what it is that you want. I recommend you to write it down, as detailed as you can.

Start with something small

At first, when you’re just starting out, it can be a good idea to start small.

And the reason for that is that when you start small, you can feel trust in the universe. It can be harder if you set the bar very high to start with.

For example, if you want to manifest a Porsche and are driving an old car from the early 90s, you may be skeptical. And that skepticism will keep your desire away from you.

By feeling skeptical, you are vibrating lack and distrust to the universe. And by vibrating lack, you will keep on manifesting more of that. Which won’t result in a Porsche…

An example of starting small

Let’s say that you want to manifest a free cup of coffee.

The chance that you can believe that it will happen is bigger than with the Porsche – isn’t it?

You won’t have any limiting beliefs and feeling of lack that keeping you away from manifesting a cup of java.

So, start out small. When you get a hold of the process you can raise the bar as high as you want. There is no limit for what you can manifest. OK?

Feeling trust in the universe will raise your vibration. (Read more about boosting your frequency/vibration HERE).

Like attracts like, so you want to vibrate at that frequency that your desire is. If you want to manifest money, act as if you had that money now. (Read more about how to manifest money HERE and how to win the lottery HERE).

You might wonder how you do that if your bank account is empty. What I’m saying is that you can ask yourself: “When having that money now, how would I act? What decisions would I make?”

Then act upon them. Read more about inspired action further on in this article.

Declutter limiting beliefs if necessary

Decluttering can be both physical (for example cleaning your home and giving away things you no longer need), or emotional (including limiting beliefs).

Examples of physical decluttering can be:

  • If you want to manifest a new home, do you want all your current belongings to have a place in your new home? Or, are you planning of purchasing new furniture?
  • Is it love that you want to manifest into your life, do you have room in your home for a partner? Is your bed very small or would your future partner be able to sleep there?

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that can hold you back from receiving.

If you don’t think that you have what it takes, the universe will respond – and assure you that it will stay that way.

  • Did you grow up with parents who told you that rich people are greedy?
  • That money doesn’t grow on trees?
  • That we can’t afford this and that?

If so, your subconscious mind might be programmed with limiting beliefs.

To get rid of those limiting beliefs you can use affirmations, and work on re-writing your beliefs.

You get to choose your destiny, you don’t have to re-live your parents lives with their beliefs. You get to choose what you believe is the truth. Do you think that rich people are greedy?

And one more important thing – you have to know that you are worthy. You are worthy of an extraordinary life.

And you get to paint the canvas of your life. Don’t let anyone do it for you. So, decide to let go of limiting beliefs that don’t serve you and your dreams.

Visualizing – a powerful tool and manifesting technique

OK – so when you know what you want, let’s be creative and playful!

Visualization is an excellent tool and manifesting technique. And it’s super fun too!

Play around and try what suits you the best.

You can get in the right happy mood by listening to music that you like. Or you can meditate to get relaxed.

Then, imagine yourself living with your desire already manifested. How do you feel? You want to achieve those happy lucky emotions that you can feel in your heart area!

The importance of inspired action

Visualizing is one thing but that isn’t enough.

You have to add another ingredient to get things going in the direction of your desires.

Yes, I’m talking about taking inspired action.

You have to show the universe that you are ready to receive.

So by taking inspired action, I mean taking a small step in towards your desire. Don’t complicate things. Listen inwards and follow your intuition. When you get an inspired feeling of doing something, going somewhere – do it.

Follow your intuition.

Forget about how and when

And – one more important ingredient I want you to know – is the importance of letting go of the how and when.

It isn’t your job to decide HOW or WHEN your desire will manifest in your life.

Skip that part completely and focus on how you feel when your desire already manifested.

Don’t stress about when it will show up, trust the universe. The universe will deliver your desire in perfect divine timing.

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Conclusion – The Manifesting Technique Summarized

  1. Be super clear on what it is that you want. Remember that vague desires get vague and random results. Write your desire down, in vivid details.
  2. Decluttering can be necessary to make room for your desire. Decluttering can be both physical (things) and emotional – including limiting beliefs.
  3. Visualize, get creative and playful. Imagine yourself having your desire, already manifested into your life. Feel how it feels!
  4. Taking inspired action in the direction of your desire is so important. It doesn’t have to be a big leap, just a small step towards your desire is enough. Ask yourself every day what small step you can take today, that will help you bring forth your desire. Follow your intuition!
  5. Let go of how or when your desire will manifest.

Do you have a friend who would need this manifesting technique? Feel free to share this article to whom you think would need it!

And – if you haven’t already – don’t forget to join the 7-Day Manifesting Challenge, which is absolutely FREE! Click to sign up!

Happy manifesting!


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