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How do you manifest money while you sleep?

By Anna

January 8, 2022

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Imagine going to bed and the very next day, you’ve manifested money. Just like that! What an amazing feeling, right? Well, this post will cover exactly that – how you manifest money while you sleep. Sit tight!

Is it possible to manifest money when sleeping?

You might be asking yourself, is it really possible to manifest money while you sleep? The short answer to that is YES.

See, the Universe never sleeps. The Universe is always responding to the vibration you’re sending out. To your vibrational frequency. And, as you know – what you send out – you’ll attract back.

Isn’t it too good to be true?

No, it’s not. Actually, you are manifesting all the time. Mostly unconsciously, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this blog.

Remember, it all starts with you and your desire. You’ve got to know what it is that you want, that’s the first step. Before you are certain of what it is that you’re desiring the most, you simply can’t manifest money while you sleep.

So it starts with you. Your desire. And clarity. The more specific you are, the better. And the stronger your “why” – the better.

How to manifest – in short

If you’ve been here with me on the blog, you’ll know this by now. But as with all learning, repetition is good – so bare with me.

For all of you who are new here on the blog – warmly welcome! I highly suggest you to check out my FREE 7-day manifesting challenge, an email course where you get to learn the basics! Click HERE to sign up for the challenge.

So, let me just briefly go through the steps in the manifesting process. These steps are useful no matter what you’re manifesting.

  1. The first step is you and your desire. As mentioned previously here in this blog post. Be crystal clear and specific on what you desire.
  2. The second step is where you get creative and visualize your desired outcome already manifested into reality.
  3. Third, you’re letting go of how and when what you’ve asked for will manifest into your physical reality. It’s not your job to take care of that, that’s the Universes job. So therefore, forget about hitting the lottery jackpot!
  4. Take aligned, inspired action in the direction of your desire. Ask yourself what small step you can take today, that will help you bring forth your desire.
  5. Lastly, gratitude! I can’t stress this enough – but if you’re not grateful for what you do have in your life now – your desire just won’t manifest!

Meaning, if you have a strong desire to manifest money while you sleep, you can’t be unhappy about your current financial situation…

Remember, what you focus on expands and if you’re unhappy – you’ll keep on attracting things, events and circumstances to feel unhappy about!

Here’s where inspired action comes into play

As mentioned here previously, successful manifestations include action of some sort. And I always talk about inspired action. Now what does that have to do with all of this?

Well, everything!

See, when taking inspired action, you’ll act upon some subtle nudge, maybe you get a strong feeling of doing something. A business idea. Starting a blog. Creating an online course. Or a coaching business. It could be anything!

The important thing if you want to manifest money while you sleep is to act on those nudges! Have faith and act upon them!

A first small step could be to register a domain name & sign up to host your own website! It could be to start mapping out your own coaching business and figure out who your ideal clients are. It could be to start a webshop, selling pet articles or fishing equipment!

Only your imagination sets the limits for what’s possible!

How does it work to manifest money while you sleep?

I can’t tell you what kind of creative ideas and inspirational ideas you’ll receive from your higher self, but I can tell you this – people create wildly successful businesses by acting upon their intuition!

The online world is infinite, and there’s no limits for what you can be, do or have.

Depending on what kind of action step you take, there are different possible ways for you to make money while you sleep with an online business.

manifest money while you sleep

Different ways of making money while sleeping:

Summary – How do you manifest money while sleeping?

Let’s summarize this, shall we?

First and foremost, it is totally possible to manifest money while you sleep! There are millions of people who are making money while sleeping, you can see that as proof. You are the one who set the limits for what’s possible for you!

You use the manifesting process, as always:

  1. You are crystal clear and specific on what you want to attract.
  2. You’re visualizing and getting into the feeling of having it already, beforehand.
  3. Another important part of the process is letting go of how and when it will manifest into your physical realm.
  4. The forth step is all about taking aligned, inspired action in the direction of your desire. Meaning, you’re following your inner guidance, your intuition.
  5. Lastly, it’s vital that you feel (truly) grateful for what you do have in your life now, as is.

So with this in mind, think about inspired action for a moment. Let’s say that you get a business idea, all of a sudden. Then, I highly suggest you to act upon it, no matter what – as long it’s aligned with your desire and for the greatest good of all involved.

A lot of business ideas lead to abundance. Businesses are abundance creators. When you get an inspired idea to start a blog, create and sell your online course or start a coaching business – go for it.

Especially blogs and online courses (and all other digital downloads/products) can help you manifest money while you sleep! You set it up once and sell it over and over again. Just rinse and repeat.

I hope this post sparked your interest. Would you love to read more articles like this one? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

With love, light & gratitude,

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