September 18


Can you manifest anything?

By Anna

September 18, 2019

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I’m pretty sure that you’ve been asking yourself this many times, with a dose of skepticism involved. The question I’m talking about is as follows: “Is it possible to manifest anything?” The short and simple answer is – YES.

In this post, I will share how you do it, so sit tight and keep on reading!

How do you manifest anything?

Do you want me to tell you some good news? There isn’t any difference in manifesting no matter what your desire is.

The steps, the process is the same. You are using the same procedure over and over again, isn’t it good?

So, this is good news!

When you get a hold of the process and feel comfortable when manifesting – you can manifest anything!

And the steps are…

  • First, you need to be clear about what you want. Clarity is key because vague desires create vague results.
  • When you know what you want, visualize how it feels when living that life now. With your desire already manifested. How do you feel? The key in this step is to focus on emotions, get excited about it! Visualize and be playful. But don’t attach to the details, use the details to create excitement.
  • Forget about how and when it will manifest into your life. It’s not your job to decide on those details, it’s better if you leave as many doors open for the universe as possible.
  • Take inspired action towards your desire. Ask yourself daily what small step you can take today, to help you bring forth your desire!

I’ve created a 7-day Manifesting challenge that will help you through the process. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Aren’t there any limitations?

Let me be completely honest. Yes, there are.

And those limitations/limiting beliefs are controlled by you and only you.

You see, you are the one who set limits for what you can manifest. And you have the power to get rid of those limiting beliefs if you have any that don’t serve you.

Your limiting beliefs can be found in various areas of your life.

It can be memories from your childhood, comments from your parents. It can be your self-esteem that holds you back.

Before you can remove them you need to identify them. It’s worth spending some time on this if you haven’t reflected on this before.

Manifest anything – what’s required?

So, let’s assume that you have identified and removed any limiting beliefs. Now what? What’s required to manifest anything your hearts desire, successfully?


Trust the universe.

Believe that the universe always will deliver your desire to you.

If you are feeling skeptical and doubt, you are signaling lack and guess what? You will keep on attracting more… lack into your life! So, believing is essential.

You’re always manifesting

This is a biggie!

So many people tend to forget this, but know that you are manifesting all the time! Yes, you are! Every day, every hour, minute, second…

You will always get more of what you focus on. What you focus on expands.

When you are aware of that, you can start manifest consciously and start getting results you want.

Manifest anything your hearts desire

Now that you know this, isn’t it time to start manifesting what you want in life?

You have the power to do that, so why not grab the steering wheel and take the lead of your life!

Start small at first

If you have read my blog posts and/or emails, you know that I’m all about starting out small at first.

By starting small it will be easier for you to believe in your manifesting ability. It will be easier to not be attached to the outcome, to the desired results.

You can be playful about it and start tiny, and then raise the bar as you progress.

Let me give you an example of what can happen if you’re starting with something big…

Let me tell you a story, about a woman named Sarah.

Sarah wants to manifest $40.000.000. She writes it down and visualizes.

She tries to feel how it feel when living that life – which she gets excited about! But she can’t believe it will actually happen.

She takes small steps towards her desire, but those millions feel so unattainable!

While doubting herself and her manifesting ability her vibrations lowers. No way she thinks that she never will see that money.

Unconsciously she signals lack to the universe. And because what she focuses on expands, she will receive more lack into her life.

So my advice to you is to start small and raise the bar when you get a hold of the process and feel comfortable. Good?

Summary – Can you manifest anything?

  • Yes, of course, you can! You can manifest anything your hearts desire.
  • The only one setting the limits for what’s possible is you. Therefore, it’s essential to identify and get rid of limiting beliefs that may hold you back.
  • Be crystal clear on what you want.
  • Visualize and feel how it feels when having that desire now when living that life now.
  • Don’t focus on how or when it will manifest in your life.
  • And – don’t forget to take inspired action in the direction of your desire!

Happy manifesting!


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