July 24


Instant Manifestations – How Do They Work?

By Anna

July 24, 2020

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Have you read about instant manifestations and try to make it work without any desired results? Do you keep asking yourself if instant manifestations are just scam or if they can happen? I totally understand your curiosity! When you want something, you want it NOW, right? In this post I’ll talk about instant manifestations, and how you can make them occur in your life. Good?

Why Do You Want To Manifest Instantly?

So, first of all – let’s start with WHY. Why do you want what it is that you want? And why do you want it to manifest instantly?

These are two very good and relevant questions. I’ll explain what I mean…

You see, when manifesting something you wholeheartedly desire, you’re pretty sure on WHY you want it – aren’t you?

If you just want to manifest something random, please stop.

Focus on what you want, I mean for real. And focus on the essence of what you want. Like, how would your desire when manifested affect your life? How would your life be, when your desire already manifested into your reality?

What difference will it make?

Be clear on the WHY before moving on. If needed, pause reading this post – or read through it and then pause and get clear.

The Manifesting Process

Now that you know why you want what you want, I assume you’re clear and specific on your desire. Good!

Before we dig deeper into how instant manifestations work, I’ll quickly go through the manifestation process:

  1. You see, that’s the FIRST STEP in the manifesting process. Clarity on what you want.
  2. Then, it’s time to be creative and visualize yourself having your desire already manifested. It could be a certain thing, an event or a circumstance that you want to occur in your life.
  3. Third, you’ve done your part of the process. Here is when it’s time to LET GO OF THE HOW & WHEN. It’s not your job to bother on the details of how and when your desire will manifest. That’s the Universe’s job. That’s why trying to manifest the lottery jackpot is a bad idea…
  4. The forth step is all about inspired action. Inspired action is exactly what it’s says – INSPIRED. You’re not suppose to force yourself into doing something just because you should. And an inspired action can be a tiny, baby step. Listen to your inner guidance and follow those subtle nudges in the direction of your desire.

Remember, the Universe always knows the path of least resistance. Trust this process.

Don’t Do This If You Want To Manifest Instantly

Now you are clear on why you want what you want, and what you want specifically. You’re also clear on the steps in the manifesting process.


So now, how do you create instant manifestations?

If you’ve been here on the blog for a while and/or followed me on social media, this will be familiar to you.

  • To receive your desire instantly, you’ll want to be a vibrational match to that which you want to manifest. Meaning, you’ll have to get into the feeling of having it already.
  • And not only that. To manifest instantly, you’ll also have to get rid of all your fears, worries, stress or bad feelings…
  • You have to believe and feel trust in the Universe.
  • Detachment is key, so skip the neediness. You can’t manifest instantly while being desperate.
instant manifestations

Always, always start out with something SMALL that you believe you can manifest instantly.

As you progress and start trusting your ability and the process, you can slowly raise the bar.

Instant Manifestations – How They Occur

As I mentioned previously here in this post, instant manifestations happen when you are in alignment with your desire. When you’re tuned in to the frequency of your desire.

Think of it like a radio station. If you want to listen to a certain channel, you have to set the correct frequency – otherwise you can’t listen to the music you’d like listening to.

Summary – How Instant Manifestations Work

Let’s sum up what we’ve covered here in today’s post, shall we?

  1. Know why you want what it is that you want. What’s the essence of your desire, what impact will it have in your life?
  2. Visualize and feel how it feel when your desire already manifested.
  3. Let go of the HOW & WHEN. This is not your job, it’s the Universe’s job. So skip going for the lottery jackpot!
  4. Take inspired action when you get those subtle nudges. Don’t force anything to happen, trust the process and that the Universe always know the path of least resistance.
  5. To manifest instantly, you’ll want to get in alignment of the frequency of your desire. Like, when you tuning in to a certain radio station.
  6. You need to detach of the outcome completely. Meaning, skip the neediness and desperation.
  7. One more important thing is that you have to let go of all your worries, fear and stress. These feelings contradict your vibration and get you OUT OF ALIGNMENT, so this is vital.

I hope you find this post valuable and helpful.

You’ve got this!

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You’ve got this, I believe in you!

With love, light and gratitude,

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