December 10


Christmas Inspiration -Spiritual Gift Ideas To You

By Anna

December 10, 2018

Christmas is approaching! In this post, I’ll share some last-minute Spiritual gift ideas for you that are perfect for spiritual friends who you think would need some Law of Attraction inspiration!

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Hi, my friend!

I’m starting to get Christmas feelings, are you? Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet – or do you have some left to shop?

I have done some Christmas shopping already, but I have a few more things left, for my spouse and kids.

It’s always the same, I intend to finish quick and just buy a very few Christmas gifts.. but I always end up buying more than necessary. I do LOVE Christmas and I LOVE TO GIVE! That’s the very best part, for sure. There is something special watching loved one’s un-wrapping Christmas gifts, don’t you agree?

Here are some last-minute spiritual gift ideas for you that are perfect for your spiritual friends and/or family members – who you think would need some Law of Attraction inspiration! 

1. The Secret by bestselling author Rhonda Byrne. 2. The Secret Series 4 Books Collection Set Pack, Hero The Secret, The Power and The Magic (Value pack!) by bestselling author Rhonda Byrne.

3. The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want – by bestselling author Joe Vitale

4. The Secret to Teen Power – by Paul Harrington. Explains the Law of Attraction for teenagers!

5. A set of beautiful chakra healing crystals, perfect to use when you meditate and during your manifesting ritual!

I wish you a lovely Monday and an amazing start of this week!

With gratitude and blessings,


Spiritual Gift Ideas

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