May 30


Are you living the life you desire to live?

By Anna

May 30, 2019

Many people in the world today are living the life of others. And/or denying their own dreams and desires to please others. And I have asked myself why they do so. And I’m asking you: Are YOU living the life you desire to live?

Is it because of the level of comfort they experiencing? I doubt it is. Most people I know who are living a non-fulfilling life aren’t having the comfort they want. Often, they are living paycheck to paycheck struggling to get by, month after month. They dream of an different future where wealth is a part of their life, but they still don’t do anything about it.

Why don’t they do anything to change their reality? 

The mind is holding them back.

They might telling themselves stories like

  • they’re not worthy
  • success is for a lucky few only.
  • success comes with tons and tons of hard work and that it’s not worth it
  • rich people are greedy
  • money won’t make you happy
  • the most important thing is health, not money
  • beliefs that money won’t solve any problem
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • they don’t have a decent degree
  • time: they should have started way back, now it’s too late
  • skills: they aren’t smart enough
  • looks: they aren’t beautiful enough


What story are YOU telling yourself?

Do you let a mind-story holding you back from creating a fulfilling life, a life you desire?

Are you living the life you desire to live? 

When life comes to an end – what do you want to be proud of?

I read an interesting article written by a nurse who worked at a nursing home, a hospice for people who were dying.

She “interviewed” them during their last weeks in life. The thing she asked them was what things they regret the most in their lives.

The top common answer she got was that they wish they lived a life true to themselves, not a life others expected.

Now ask yourself: What do you want to be proud of when life comes to an end?

are you living the life you desire to live

So honestly, are you living the life you desire?

Let me tell you this, my friend. You do have what it takes to succeed, believe it or not. You are worthy of all the success you could ever imagine. No matter how you look or where you’re from.

Isn’t it time for you to get in that front seat and take control of your life, your dreams and desires? And start taking responsibility for your own destiny and future?

You can do this, I know you do! And I have faith in you! You are worthy of living a life you desire! 



PS, Check out my blog post where I write about what a powerful life creator you are! Click HERE to read! 

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